Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happpy New Year!!

A couple of cute grandbaby pictures to finish off 2009.

Phoenix in her little Christmas dress! Of course every 6 week old baby needs a Christmas dress!

And happy little Hunter in his reindeer antlers. Gosh he is so cute!!

And a picture of the whole rag tag gang of us around the dinner table on Christmas day. Nothing too formal about this bunch -LOL - I am the photographer and of course I am decked out in my Christmas finery -LOL
I couldn't even find my Christmas table runners this year -- they are still packed away in some box marked Linen closet!!

The grandbabies has gone home and I should do miss the holding of babies. I went through a bit of baby withdrawl the first couple of days -- in between the bouts of total exhaustion!! That Hunter is HEAVY!!

We are getting ready for a quiet New Years Eve with some neighbours and a bit of Prawn Thai Curry -- hopefully we can all last until midnight. If we were in Australia this would be over by now. I remember the year 2000 and watching as the TV would follow as the turning of the millenium went around the world. I think Vancouver is almost one of the last places on earth to get to the New Year -- maybe Hawaii is the last -- so it is now New Year in most of the world ---so Happy New Year!!
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I have been busy with Christmas preparations. I baked cookies, biscotti and buttertarts in my lovely new kitchen!! I have been stitching a few Christmas gifts as well. I will have to post pictures after they have been unwrapped.

Jessica - Dave and the babies came from Calgary. Jenny has been enjoying Hunter - mostly the food dropping aspect of a two year old, but she also think Hunter should be playing with her as well -- and tries to "talk" him into throwing the ball for her.

The tree is up and decorated and it is lovely. We have not put out any of my other Christmasy items around the house because Hunter doesn't really like clutter -LOL!! He has been pretty good around the tree though and not pulled it down yet!! The mantel is still not on - so no mantel to hang our stockings with care.

A couple of baby in a box pictures -LOL

Hunter -- who has "All the features you have been looking for"

And a box turned into a bassinet for a baby.

Phoenix is such a little sweetie!! And she cries every evening right at dinner time -- doesn't seem to matter if we eat at 5 PM or 7 PM - she just doesn't want us to all be eating at the same time - that's okay - we take turns --LOL.

Merry Christmas to all!!
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