Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am starting to develop a plan

I had a fairly productive weekend once I decided I needed to have a plan to finish up a few things in my UFO pile. It makes one feel good to have a plan!!

I had a big stack of half square triangle left over from a blue/white/yellow pinwheel quilt that I had made a couple of years ago ( it is needing to be layered and quilted) Of course I had enough fabric left to make two more blue/yellow/white quilts -- and a ton of half square triangles. A few months back I started sewing blue and yellow triangles together - having no idea what the final outcome would be.

Yesterday I decided to make a table centre for the table on the deck - nice and summery. The problem with leaving something half finished is when you go back to it you can't really remember what it is you were doing. I discovered as I started sewing it together that I was apparently halfway through squaring up the squares to 3 1/2 inches. So I had to check, measure and square up as I was stitching. But it is together now. I found a nice little piece of blue fabric for a border. It will be quick and easy to spray baste and machine quilt. Nice to have a plan for that pile of block. Now if I can just get the mother quilt done!!

The next thing I decided --- I was going to finish hand quilting the Mariner's Medallion and have it ready to enter in my quilt guild's show in September. There really doesn't have that much left to do on it. The entire centre is quilted - just the top row of stars and the border need to be done. I put it aside because I couldn't decide what design I wanted to quilt in the border. I can't believe it has been sitting for 2 years or so waiting for me to decided what to do about the border.

So I took it out and decided what I would do in the border. I am going to quilt flying geese - like the ones in the middle border all around the outer border. I think that will work well. I was thinking of a big rope design or something but I think the flying geese will be a good look for the quilt. Most of the quilting on it is straight lines and outline quilting. The outer border will end up quite a bit narrower than what it is now. This quilt is a workshop/pattern from M'Liss Rae Hawley that I took in September 2001. I actually have a spot in the house that I want to hang it up - so time to finish it up.

And speaking of geese --- here is a picture of a flock Surf Scoter's ( so says Jim ) that were enjoying the water on the sunny day yesterday -- until some yahoo in a speed boat came by!!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fat Quarter Club

I was quite excited this week to find that my Moda Fat Quarter club was the Dandelion Girl by Fig tree!! I was hoping it would be. As you can see I had already purchased a number of 1/2 meter pieces. I was thinking of doing a little sawtooth star on point quilt, I think. But I haven't decided for sure. I went yesterday to a new quilt shop that has opened up near me and I have been shopping there and really liking the new little shop. It is just starting up so there isn't a big selection of fabric but the fabric is all new and well selected. I bought 2 meters of the large brown floral Dandelion Girls fabric for a border. So I am all set - well as set as I get!!

I was thinking of and planning (bought some fabric) to do the Orange Crush Mystery quilt. But with going to Calgary right when it started and going back to Calgary in May I don't think I will get it started or caught up. I do have the fabric so I can always go back and do it at a later time. I also have the William Morris fabric that I really wanted to use for a quilt. I was talking about the basket block for that one - I was also thinking that the Lady of the Lake block would be a nice block for that fabric.

I have been working since I have been back so I didn't get much done this week. But I did start a couple of little NICU quilts with my Sock Monkey flannel charm pack.

One that is mostly pink for girls and one that is mostly blue for boys.

Quite a few months a go I read my Quilters Horoscope. My birthday being at the end of May - I am a Gemini. I found my quilters horoscope to be very close to me. I saved it and every so often I read it to remind myself that "I am who I am" -LOL

Gemini - May 21 to June 21

If Gemini has been fortunate enough to discover a tutor that has guided their enthusiasm, their quilts will be imaginative and versatile. (I have taken some great classes)

If they are self-taught quilters they will have a treasure trove of books, magazines, quilting supplies and every innovation related to quilting but they probably do not have a single finished quilt. ( I have finished a few projects - but sometimes I think I am a bit of a collector of all things quilting -LOL)

This won't bother them though as they will convince everyone, including themselves, that this was always their plan. ( this is my plan!)

Being youthful they love funky projects that use bright fabrics and dazzling threads; being romantic they love traditional quilts made with soft pastels and florals; being whimsical they love the country theme and flannels; being Gemini they love it all! (I do love it all!!)

Being very good with words, they will likely go on to author books as experts on patchwork and quilting - having never finished a single project.

I will never author a book and hopefully I will finish more projects soon. I have some really nice quilts that I would love to have finished!!! I can really see myself sometimes in my horoscope. I seem to go out and buy all the fabric I love - everything thing from Japanese fabric, African fabric, Moda, Civil war, Dutch Chintz, 30's era. I also have a bunch of Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset, Jane Sassaman, Laurel Burch, homespun plaids, batiks, you name it - I have a stack of it in my Ikea cupboard (which I think I need another one by the way). But I think I will just embrace and accept myself the way I am -- and plod away planning quilts and buying fabric (good for the economy) and hopefully finishing some things along the way.

I am glad to know that it is not really my fault that I am like this - possibly I could blame my mother who gave birth to me in May instead of maybe September and then I would be a Virgo - I bet Virgo's finish all their projects!!

And the last picture is the Thai red Curry with prawns that Jim made for dinner the other night. Boy was it good. And in true Jim tradition it was all from scratch - making a red pepper puree for the sauce and adding a bunch of "I can't pronounce" ingredients. I wonder if he can do that one again!! I just had to post a picture of it -- boy was it good!!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am home again

I flew in from Calgary very late Tuesday night. The first thing I did Wednesday is head off to the new quilt shop in town that opened up while I was away. I bought some of the Dandelion Girls fabric by Fig tree - such lovely fabric. I hope it is in my next Moda fat quarter club from The Fat Quarter Shop. I haven't taken a picture of it yet though.

Jessica and the baby are doing well. There was a nurse that came by for 2 hours on Monday to talk about the Down Syndrome program at the Alberta Children's hospital. It sounds like there are a lot of services and she will have lots of support in Calgary.

The nurse brought this quilt for Hunter. Isn't it great. It is from the "Friends and Needles Quilt Guild" and it is just such a bright, cheerful and fun quilt. Perfect for playtime on the floor!! It has already been put to use. Quilters are certainly the nicest and most generous and thoughtful people!! Thank you to all of you!

The nurse was very helpful with pointers on positioning Hunter so he can find his hands and feet and strengthen various muscle groups. The Childrens Hospital has a physiotherapist that will come to the house starting around 3 months.

This is the little quilt that was Hunter's when he was in the NICU. I don't know if Jessica was supposed to take it home but she really loved it - being the baby's very first quilt.

It is 14 inches by 22 inches and it is backed with flannel - no batting. So I thought I would make a few up for the NICU to take back there. These are made by a quilt guild in Calgary as well and the nurses said they never have enough for all the babies that come through, but they like each baby to have a little quilt. It is nice for the mum's to have the little quilt as a reminder of the time spent in the hospital. I have quite a bit of Sock Monkey flannel left - perfect for little quilts like these.

And of course we should have a least one baby picture - shouldn't we? Gosh he's cute!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Little Hunter is so incredibly cute and sweet

I will make this a quick post as I am still away in Calgary.

Hunter is doing really well. He is very cute and cuddly and so easy to snuggle with - he is just such a darling baby. His heart is perfect and he is strong and can hold his head very well - and he is so very tiny - still not yet 5 lbs. The doctors have done the genetic testing and he has Down Syndrome. It has been interesting to learn all there is to know about the path that we will be taking with him. But I find he is just so gosh darn cute and sweet that I can't imagine him being anything but the dearest child. We all just love him so much.

He makes the cutest faces - and he hardly ever cries - but he can scream pretty darn loud when a thermometer is stuck in his armpit!!!

Here is is all tucked away in his bassinet. He is so cuddly - he doesn't spend much time in there - mostly we hold him -LOL!! He is so tiny - he has to wear the little premie diapers and clothes.

I thank you all for your posts and warm wishes. I will not try to answer all the emails yet as I am too busy holding the dear baby! But I will be going home soon and then I will get back to some quilting. I did not plan to stay in Calgary this long and I didn't bring any quilting with me - I could have made a Dear Jane block or two is I had planned a bit better. Anyway. Just a quick post until I am home.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thank you for all your good wishes!!

Thank you everyone for all your kind comments. I will not reply by email as I have so much to do. That's what happens when a baby comes early!! Nana is not prepared -LOL

Here is a bit better of a picture of him all snuggled up with Mum!! Look at the little quilt he is all wrapped up in. He spent the night in the NICU but he should be out today.

We are heading out very early tomorrow morning for the 12 hour drive to Calgary. I hope the roads are good and clear - we have a couple of mountain passes to drive through - the Rogers Pass by Revelstoke - the Kicking Horse Pass by Golden - through Banff National Park.

I got a very pretty little needle case from San - Gypsy Quilter in the mail yesterday to brighten my day. It certainly did make me smile. Thank you so much San!!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hunter James Ross

He arrived by C-section at 5:48 AM - Calgary time. Weighing in at 4 lbs14 oz. Everything looks good - he is breathing well and eating and looks perfect!! He will spend 12 hours or so being monitored in the NICU because he is under 5 lbs.

This is a picture of him sent to me via the cell phone this morning - so I am sure I will have some more pictures soon. Isn't he cute!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Expecting the arrival of Hunter

I am waiting for a phone call. It seems Hunter is to be born soon. Jessica was induced this morning as it seems the placenta is not working as well as it should and now it is time for the little guy to come out and meet the world. Apparently he is fine and there is no problems - just he hasn't grown any since the March 10th Ultra Sound.

I sure wish I could be in Calgary now. It is getting late and I hope all is well.

Here is a picture of the crib all ready and waiting for a baby Hunter!!

We will be driving to Calgary this weekend - I have a car seat and some quilts and a diaper bag I was hoping to deliver BEFORE the baby was born!!

I will post as soon as I hear all is well.