Monday, July 28, 2008

A few more Hunter pictures

I just couldn't resist posting a few more Hunter pictures. Jessica had put some pictures up on Facebook and there are some pretty good Hunter pictures that I hadn't seen.

Here is Hunter and his Nana at the Weiner Roast in Yorkton Sask. I am a pretty good burper -- and so is he!!

Here is Hunter at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo - such a cute picture.

Here is Hunter on his second camping trip of the summer - he went camping for the first time the May long weekend. He has been a very busy and well travelled little guy this summer!

Isn't this a cute picture. Here is Hunter spending the day at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller Alberta. Cute hat!!

I will take photos of all the fabric I bought -- soon.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Side trip to Red Deer

I have been very busy this week -- back and forth into Vancouver a couple of times and not really doing much blogging at all.

When I was in Calgary I took a little side trip up to Red Deer to meet Anna -- aka "Quiltmom" with no blog to link to at this time. I think there are bloggers out there that are encouraging her to get a blog. But she is a smart one and says she can read more blogs and do more quilting if she doesn't have her own blog --- now wouldn't that be the truth!!

I had a great visit with Anna - and met her mum and dad and her son. Anna lives in Edmonton so she drove down meet me in Red Deer. We went to two quilt shops -- I bought quite a bit of fabric in each -- but not as much as Anna!! She is a shopping Diva!! Both quilt shops had some great fabric on sale and Anna really figured up what the best values were and got lots of great fabric that could be used in all kinds of future quilts.

We had a great visit and I loved spending time with her parents as well. It was a wonderful day. Anna's mum gave me a jar of her home made Chokecherry Syrup. I haven't tried it yet - I think I will have to make a big batch of French Toast for the occasion. My Grandmother used to make Chokecherry jam when I was a child.

Here is Anna and her Mum - this is a quilt that Anna was making for a wedding just this past weekend.

Another photo of the quilt. Love the bright colours!!

I must take a picture of all my fabric I purchased and the beautiful bracelet that Anna made for me. If I had been thinking I would have taken a couple of pictures of all the fabric Anna bought as well. She made some great purchases - and it was all 60% off -- $6.00 -$4.00 a meter. It was a very successful shopping trip -- and great fun!! Thanks to Anna and her Mum.

I am falling behind in my blogging - but I knew it would be a busy summer this year and I would be not as active in my blogging. Now I am off to work two night shifts this weekend!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Trip - Part One -- Vancouver to Yorkton

I took a few pictures as I was driving -- probably not the best idea.

Vancouver to Cranbrook -- aprox 980 kms. Total driving time 11 hours.

This is as I am coming down a big hill towards Osoyoos B.C. - in the Okanogan valley. It is a lovely - hot, dry area of B.C. Lots of vineyards and wineries in the area - plus fruit orchards - growing peaches, cherries, plums, apples etc.

A little truck accident I drove by just outside Grand Forks B.C.

Here is a picture of the Creston B.C. valley area - just about 130 kms to Cranbrook now.

After a few days in Cranbrook I drove to Calgary --- 400 kms from Cranbrook to Calgary.

Then Jessica, Hunter and I drove to Yorkton Sask --- 960 kms from Calgary to Yorkton.

Here is a picture of Jessica and Hunter in front of the big moose in Moose Jaw Sask.

And our final destination -- Yorkton Sask.

Total distance driven to this point -- aprox 2300 km.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back from Holiday - A couple of Hunter pictures

I got back from Calgary on Thursday. It was a very long drive in a Thunder storm! Pouring rain, lightning and blowing wind for about 400 kms! I think I put about 5000 kms on the car from start to finish of this two weeks from Vancouver to Sask. and back.

Hunter is doing great - growing and making lots of sounds - gooing and cooing! He was great on the drive from Calgary to Yorkton Sask. He slept most of the trip and woke every few hours to eat and get changed at what ever rest stop we found along the way.

Jessica, Hunter and I drove from Calgary to Yorkton on a Friday - 960 kms -- attended the family picnic on Saturday and drove back on Sunday! It was quite the trip for Hunter. My parents and my sisters and their families also came along on the trip and we had three cars all together in a little bit of a convoy - which can be interesting when planning stops and lunches and such. Thank goodness for cell phones.

Isn't he cute!! He is sure "talking" And loves to listen to you talk to him.

Here is a picture of him with the bunny. He is now as long as the bunny. He sure has grown - he now weighs 12 lbs 13 oz. He was 3 months on July 2nd.

I will post a few pictures of the trip on another post - I think a couple of pictures of Hunter were needed first!!

I had a very nice visit with Anna - a "non blogging lurker" LOL!! We spent the day together in the middle of Alberta and did some serious quilt shopping - so that will also be another post. I was so tired after all that driving I am just now starting to feel a bit brighter. And I then realized that I have to get busy on the hand quilting of my Mariners Compass to have it ready before we leave on our next holiday. It has been a busy summer -not enough time for blogging.
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