Friday, November 30, 2012

My Left foot is --- purple

It's been a bit of a time of it!  Well mostly I haven't posted because I have been mainly working off my iPad and most of my photos are on my computer. So that's my excuse.

I am trying out posting from blogger on the iPad. This will be a bit of a test.

After returning from our latest boating adventure I had a big surgery on my left foot.

I had  -  are you ready for it-----
1. Arthroscopy and micro fracture of the ankle joint
2. Triple arthrodesis
3.  Calcaneal osteotomy
4. Bone graft
5. Gastrocnemius slide.

I was in plaster cast for two weeks and yesterday it was removed and all the various staples and sutures were removed and I got this nice purple cast - kind of matches the colour of my purple toes. I am doing quite well - all things considered. Although it has required a fair amount of medication to maintain my wellness.

I have been quilting. And if I like the way this blog post turns out I may try posting again. I am on crutches ( again) for the next 6-8 weeks. Depends on how long it takes for these poor bones to heal.

So we will see what happens when I press publish.....