Monday, November 07, 2011

Well - I am still alive!

And walking - more or less --- and pictures to prove it................... This picture is taken just outside the Burrowing Owl winery in Oliver B.C.

The weekend before Halloween Jim and I headed off to the sunny Okanogan to meet up with my mum and dad for a little get away.  So here I am with my mum and dad - standing on two feet - in shoes.  I am hiding my cane............. I am doing well - can't walk too far and limping a bit and whining a lot but I have been out of the boot for almost 3 weeks and now I need to try to take off the weight I put on while sitting on the deck and doing nothing for 2 months............and we go to spend the weekend going from winery to winery buying wine!!  Like that was a good idea!

Halloween has come and gone and Jim decided he needed to carve a pumpkin this year............

I have been doing a bit of quilting.  I am making a baby quilt for Vincia ( who got married a couple of years ago and I made the African Wedding quilt for - I will see if I can find a link for that.)  Here is the link -- African wedding quilt

Vincia gave me a Winnie the Pooh receiving blanket when she gave me the fabric she wanted in the wedding quilt.  So she phoned a few weeks ago to say she is expecting - so I can take a hint :)  It was hard to find fabric to match the colours in the receiving blanket but I found the green polka dot fabric in Armstrong BC on our little trip in October.  I have a plan to put a small narrow light yellow border between the quilt and the green border.  I had saved a picture a couple of years ago of a split nine patch with Winnie the Pooh fabric - this quilt is pretty much the same as the picture I had saved at the colours in the fabric are the same.  Vincia loves the original Winnie the Pooh - not the Disney Winnie the Pooh - I am not sure where she found the receiving blanket - I hope I have turned her little receiving blanket into a quilt she will be happy with in the end. 

I am off to a quilting retreat next weekend so I can finish the baby quilt and do a few more of the many Civil war blocks I am working on at the present!

But I am still alive :))

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