Sunday, July 24, 2011

Having a broken ankle does have a few bright moments. I received a wonderful visit and these fabulous flowers from my quilting friend Dianne ( double NN ).

I am starting to go a little stir crazy though. I went outside last night for a little exercise hop up the driveway - which is much steeper than I thought!! And coming back down was almost scary! Jim walked ahead of me just in case I lost control and ended up at the bottom smashed into the garage - sort of like the drywall - but that's another story.

But I am finding ways to entertain myself. My blog might benefit.

Finally a bit of summer has come to the west coast.

I have myself set up on the deck. I signed up for Netflix and I am working on my wool appliqué BOM from Creative Edge Quilt shop in North Van. Jim made a lovely BBQ Leg of lamb and Greek salad for dinner last night. It sounds like it's going to be panko breaded jumbo prawns tonight. Hopefully I don't gain a bunch of weight sitting around and enjoying Jim's cooking. Now he's going to put a keg of beer on tap!!

I have to say that what has happened in Norway is just heart breaking. My deepest sympathy to the whole country and all those parents who's lives will never be the same again.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The reason I started blogging........................

My mother was commenting today that I haven't been blogging lately!  I figured I had better do something about that!

It is a bit of an interesting story about how I started blogging.

It all started because in August of 2000 I fell on a little piece of uneven sidewalk in Edinburgh Scotland while on vacation with my mother and sister.  My sister had just left us to go back to work in Africa and my mum and I were off to do a bit of laundry.  I fell coming out of the laundromat and broke my right ankle.  Although - I didn't go to the hospital - or doctor, because I didn't really think it was broken.  It got pretty swollen and bruised but if I didn't move  it too much it didn't hurt too much and we carried on with our planned vacation.  Two week later when I got back to Canada I got my ankle X-rayed - because it really  had not improved at all - and it was broken!  So that began a year long process of a multitude of splints, casts and crutches - X-rays and CT scans - finally surgery and Physio.  

During that year - right leg mostly out of commission - I spent quite a bit of time on the computer - surfing the web - which was still fairly new at that time.  I was watching the Soap - Days of Our Lives - which is often stupid - and there was a message board that I would visit and read how other people thought it was stupid as well.

The woman who ran the message board - had an acquaintance - in Georgia - who was competing for the Next Food Network Star television show and asked us to vote for Hans online - which I did a few times -- quite a few as I didn't have much else to do!  Hans got on the show but I didn't even get to see the show in Canada - so that was too bad - all my voting and not able to watch the result.   I think he came in third.

Time had passed - I was back to work and we had moved and life carried on and I was still following the message board and keeping up with how Hans was doing with his career - I sort of felt I knew him a bit after all!!  Then Hans started a blog  - Hans was diagnosis with stomach cancer and was blogging about his experiences and treatments. Hans did really well with his surgery and treatment and is cancer free now.   I kept up with his blog - it was the old Live Journal format - then one day Hans switched to Blogspot and I was quite intrigued - and in checking out blogspot and seeing how easy it was to set up -  I decided to start my own blog.

Why am I remembering all this......................

On Monday while out on a hike with my neighbour and the dogs - I fell and broke my left ankle!

This time I went right to the hospital and had it x-rayed.  My cheeky mother says she hopes it's better in under two years!!  So - I've been kind of cranky lately!!

But on the sewing front - prior to the fall I had been puttering away on a few things........

I made a mug rug for one of my Quilting Peeps -

And she made a mug rug for me -----

She called it "Howe Sound Spring"  It is much like looking out at Howe Sound from our deck. 

And I have been working on the Barbara Brackman Civil War Block of the Week blocks. 

I am a few weeks behind but I have time on my hands to catch up now!  Although I am still very uncomfortable and I am finding I can only sit with my foot hanging down for a short time and then I have to elevate it again.

And I feel sorry for poor Jim who has been called to action quite a bit this year and is now back on kitchen duty - Like he says "you're lucky you have a husband who likes to cook"
I am lucky - but not happy!!

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