Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few more finishes

The fireplace is now finished except for the mantel. The ledgestone is up and the slate is on the floor around the fireplace. There is hardwood to be refinished now.

A couple of pictures of the new granite counter tops. The appliances have yet to be installed -- but the nice corner sink is in place and waiting to be plumbed.

Next to tile the backsplash.

And another picture of Jim up on a ladder painting!! Hopefully we both survive this renovation!

Last weekend I was sleeping from a night shift and about 1:30 I heard Jim calling me very loudly - I got up to find him up on a ladder on the front gable of the house but one side of the ladder had come off the house and he was hanging sideways - holding on to the gable and the sideways ladder!! Quickly I had to get a step ladder for him to transfer to or it would have been a very long fall/jump to the ground. He says better he woke me up to help him rather than wake me up to take him to the hospital with broken bones! I agree!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A few reno pictures.

We have been busy - very tired. It has been very hot here for most of the month of July and today was the first day it rained in about 6 weeks. The garden is very happy for the rain - and it has been terribly neglected in all the weeks with the work of the reno. I thought I would post a few pictures of how things are coming along.

Here is a picture of the new gas fireplace. The drywall is up and the living room is waiting to be painted.

This is the living room - now painted. The colours are Baffin Island and Mortar. Very contemporary apparently. The new pot lights are in place, and all the remnant of the old drapes and valances are gone.

A couple of pictures of Jim painting the area over the basement stairs. That was pretty scary watching him precariously perched on a rickedy ladder and a 2 x 10. Better him than me!!

The main support to hold the railing to the wall has been removed so we can paint the wall. So the 2 x 10 is sitting on the railing that is no longer attached to anything - except itself - that was why I was so nervous.

A couple of shots of the kitchen cabinets and the new space. We are hoping the counter will be ready soon. I am looking forward to seeing the kitchen with the counter in place. It is a fairly interesting piece of granite that we picked out.

Here is a view of the front of the house. The new entry, the new doors and no more white brick. The black tar paper will eventually be stone - Whistler Basalt.

And here is a picture of me -- washing the dirt of the garage door. It looked so much better after it had been washed - good enough not to paint!! But it will be painted - Caramel Apple.

These new paint names are so very interesting! The outside of the house will be a green - brown and caramel. It will be a huge improvement over the white brick.

There is still a lot to do. We are starting to feel a bit like things are getting accomplished slowly but surely.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

High Desert Museum quilt display

Just a quick post - as we are off to buy paint and will be spending the entire sunny weekend painting. We are lucky though because we have a heat pump attached to our furnance and we can run it in reverse when it is hot and therefore have central air conditioning -- something that is rare up here in rainy Vancouver.

I was able to take some pictures of the quilts on display without my flash because they were fairly well lit - but mostly close up pictures - any pictures from a distance were too dark.

I really liked this Pomegranate quilt -- and the new tile feature for my kitchen has pomegranates on it - one day I will post pictures of that. Look at the beautiful hand quilting on this quilts. How they did that with the poor light that they had was amazing. And how brilliant the fabric still is after all these years. I think this quilt was from the 1800's.

Here is a little write - up about the quilts. Funny thing about the write-ups -- as a Canadian I was only reading the first paragraph - as you can see from my picture - because I alway expect that the second paragraph will be in French. I asked the other women I was with if they were doing the same thing - and they were - too funny!!

This quilt was a beautiful quilt with each block done by a different quilter.

I love the border fabric for this quilt.

I see that Bonnie Hunter went to the museum when she was in Sisters as well and had quite a number of pictures on her blog. I was hoping to run in to Bonnie at Sisters - I know Marge got to see her.

Well -- Jim is ready.......
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