Sunday, April 18, 2010

This post is for Kim

Kim from Still Meadow wants to know when I am coming ashore!! I have been busy!!

Mostly I have been working - I worked 7 days in 14 - I still have a few more days to work before I am rewards with a trip to Washington State for a little vacation. And then the beginning of May we are going to be flying to NEW YORK CITY!!!! for 8 nights!! I have always wanted to go to New York. We have rented a little one bedroom apartment in the "West Village" we will be almost real New Yorkers!! I have found 2 quilt shops close by -- The Purl in Soho and The City Quilter.

We have been busy with the prawn pots --- STILL!! I am totally excited about the end of prawn season!! I have been out pulling the "pawn prots" more than I really think is necessary now. I have discovered that Jim is a bit of a hoarder!  And I keep saying "pawn prots"  instead of "pawn pots" 

I was off yesterday with my Friday stitch group to a Craft and Sewing sale and I picked up this table runner kit.

It looks like it was made to match the new slate on the fireplace.

It is a simple 4 patch design - I think it will be perfect for the table.  Now I just have to make it.

I am also working hard on the salmon table runner.  My quilt guild is having a show in June and I am going to put the salmon in the show.  It has been a big even to machine blanket stitch around all those edges!!  And the number of threads to pull through and bury and clip!!  Quite the event -- hence I have been far to engrossed in tying off thread to actually blog about anything!  That is my excuse and I am sticking to it! LOL

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