Sunday, July 01, 2012

A bit of a Video–taken by a bit of an amateur !!!!

Not a great video but it shows a bit of our adventure!

Up Toba Inlet and back to Prideaux Haven


Toba Inlet is a very pretty little inlet just north of West Redonda Island.  We had quite the grey and overcast start to the morning but it got much brighter in the afternoon. 




Jim got to  have a little break from the steering as I took the wheel for awhile. There is a LOT of water up there and it is very – VERY deep and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t hit anything – and I was right!


We didn’t travel too far up Toba Inlet before we turned around and went back down Homfray Channel – which is on the west side of West Redonda Island.  Our plan was to just go up Toba Inlet as far as we wanted – there isn’t really anywhere to anchor at the end of the Inlet.  We were off to spend another night at Prideaux Haven – we were going to try to anchor in Melanie Cove. 


We saw some pictographs on the rock walls in Homfray Channel.





The sun came out and the water was flat calm in Homfray Channel.   Such a beautiful day!




Approaching Prideaux Haven – a much different day than the first day we went there in the drizzling rain and fog.


We did not get to go into Melanie Cove – it was full of sailboats – so we ended up in the same spot as the previous day.

Once we were set up and anchored Jim decided we needed to take the little dingy out for a spin about.



I didn’t take the camera with me in the dingy – not sure if it was sea-worthy – and I’m still not sure!  It required frequently bailing!! It even came with a little plastic bailing jug!  But we went around the shoreline and looked at all the oyster beds. 



Back on the boat – plotting tomorrow’s route.


And the end to another day of our adventure ---as the evening sun is casting long shadows and reflections in the water.