Thursday, January 29, 2015

Another year!

 2014 is over - thank goodness!  I can't say it was my favourite year!  I am hoping for a great 2015. 

My new ankle is a year old now.  It is working quite well except for an annoying pain in my Posterior Tibial Tendon. I got a steroid shot a couple of weeks ago. 

I have been doing a bit of quilting - quite a bit actually. 

Lots of updates. 

Hunter has graduated from Kindergarten in June and started Grade One in September of 2014 

Jim and I made a couple of trips to Calgary to see the grand kids. 

I made a couple of Mariners Compass cushions for the boat. 

I've been doing a bit of quilting. 

I put my  "Morris Garden by the Lake" quilt top together at Loon Lake retreat in November. 

When I brought it home I discovered it was very wavy and wonky. All those half square triangles were not playing nice. So I took it apart - row by row - block by block - and resquared each block and starched and ironed the blocks and put it back together.  It looks much better now. These photos were taken before the reconstruction.  I still have the border to put on and then I will send it out to be quilted. 

I put my Kaffe Fasset Dresden Plate quilt top together. I used solid grey fabric for the blocks so I could have some interesting quilting in the "negative space". Look at how modern I have become!  Haha. 

I made Phoenix a little quilt for her doll bed for Christmas. It is the same fabric as the quilt I made for her a few years ago.  Pretty cute - with the little pillows!  

And ----

Meet Lilly

She is a little kitty we got for Christmas from Eric and Jessica. 

She is quite a lovely little cat.  Friendly and social. A bit of a hooligan though!  Which from what I can tell that's just cats!  Haha. 

I will try to blog a bit more this year I think. We have not had a great 2014 but we did get out on the boat for a total of 8 weeks and we had a great time on the boat.  

So I will try to post a few of the photos from the boat trip last summer. I hope to blog again soon.