Sunday, August 21, 2011

A (sewing) Room with a View


This is my favourite picture this week – although I am sure it is not Jim’s!  He decided he was going to make Thai prawn and salmon soup one day  after work this week and what a mess the kitchen was by the time he was finished!  I don’t think we ate dinner until 8:30 PM.  The soup was wonderful!  Jim is very devoted to get me through this darn broken ankle and he is doing a great job of it – although I think the soup was just a bit too much – even he admitted to that by about 7:45 PM.

I have been able to get out to a few of my usual stitching activities  thanks to quilting friends coming out to get me and Andrew driving out - in my car – which  he has gone off with – since I can’t drive you know…………no point in it just sitting there…

This weekend Jim asked if I was able to do all the quilting I had wanted while I was up on the deck.  I said that I wished I could work on the Barbara Brackman Civil War Block of the week but because my sewing room was downstairs and the patterns were all on the computer –which is on the deck it was something I just couldn’t do. 


So – off Jim went to Costco and bought a small table for $30……



Here is my new little sewing space –on the deck – on one condition  he says – once I can walk it has to go back downstairs.  I think he figured he had better make that condition because I think I would rather stay up here. 



The view from the ironing board!  I can sit on my rolling office chair and sew on the little featherweight and then easily iron.  It is a great set up. 

My ankle is getting much better – I could not have done this two weeks ago – it still would hurt if I had my foot down for any length of time but now the swelling is really going down and it hardly hurts at all. 



I have already completed a couple more since these pictures – I have 12/16 blocks completed.  I have also completed on Dear Jane block.


And just to finish off ----- the soup………..


I have a bunch of pictures of my ankle…………………..Nahhh

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little video demontration

It has been quite the event to post this video!  But since I am NOT doing much else I persevered and I think I might finally have done it!  I took this video with my IPhone gripped in one hand as I held the crutches as well. 
I shot this video the other afternoon – just to entertain myself mostly.  The Bed, Bath and Beyond bag at the bottom of the stairs is a bag of laundry I am working to getting to the laundry room – just to clarify.
I continue to spend most of the day on the deck – but at least now the sun is shining – it might actually get warm this weekend! 
Believe it or not I am actually planning to go to the big Quilt show in Tacoma next weekend – my fabulous quilting peeps have organized a FART ( Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) and the big APNQ show ( which is now called something different) is in Tacoma instead of Seattle this year.  My friend Dianne has found a wheelchair rental for me – and has volunteered to be my pusher – who can resist a personal pusher??  I have had this trip planned for months so I hope I don’t have too many problems with my mobility down there – but I sure could use an outing!!
I have been working on my Wool BOM and I have almost finished Block 11 of 16 and I have also started another Dear Jane block – FINALLY ---YAY for me!!
It seems there was also a problem with my comment section on my blog so I have changed settings and we will see how it is working now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fairy quilt and Grandbabies

You would think I would be blogging every day now that I am incarcerated here on my deck with nothing to do but drink coffee and quilt! 

I have been going like crazy on my Wool Applique project.  The weather has finally - hummmm - I don't want to say warmed up because it is still pretty mild but it isn't raining every day.  I am spending most days on the deck - looking out at the activities on the water and watching Netflix - right now I am watching "Damages" with Glenn Close and Ted Danson.

I am just uploading a few pictures from my phone and I don't think I had ever posted a picture of the quilt I made for Phoenix when it was completely finished.  Jim and I took the quilt with us when we went to Calgary in May - on  the Mother's Day weekend.  Of course I didn't take any pictures of it before I took it there so finally Jessica sent me a few pictures - as well as a couple of pictures of the kids in the yard this summer.  And I know I haven't posted pictures of the grandkids in a long time - as Anna had mentioned - so the pictures are for her :) 

Forest Fairy Quilt

I used the little squares that were on the panel for the corner blocks but I had to sew a little green border around each square to make them the right size for the sashing.  It took awhile to find the right border and sashing fabric and then I needed more of the dark green for the binding - so it took longer than I thought but I am very pleased with the final quilt.  Jessica says Phoenix really loves it.  And it is much larger than a crib quilt so it can lay nicely on her little bed - as she is no longer in a crib.

Phoenix - 18 months.

Hunter and Phoenix - this summer - Calgary Alberta - and see that sweaters are needed in Calgary in July!  What a summer.

Gosh they're cute!  If I don't say so myself :)

I have pictures on my camera of my finished Wool blocks - lets see how quickly I can get those posted.

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