Saturday, May 15, 2010

The New York Yankees

We went to the baseball game last night.  This is the view from our seats!!
It was great fun -- I had a hard time choosing who to cheer for - The Yankee's  or the Twins......

A local boy from Vancouver area plays for the Minnesota Twins ---- Yah Justin!!!

Here he is up to bat --- gets a good hit and bats a runner in to score ---- 4 - 3 Twins.....Yah Justin!!!

Up to bat Alex Rodirguez --- hits a Grand Slam -- 7 - 4 Yankees .... Yah Alex!!!

That was pretty much the end of the game - but the Yankees scored one more run and we left the stadium along with the thousands and thousands of people.  What a blast!!

Good luck to the Twins for the games today --- we are off to the 9th Ave. Food Festival....

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York just keeps on getting better

We have been quite busy the past couple of days.  We wandered around Soho and the Lower East Side yesterday.  Lots of walking again.

In Soho I was able to go into The Purl Wool and Quilt shop.  They have a new shop which has both the wool and fabric - instead of the two separate shops.  Cute little shop - and I did buy myself a lovely little bundle of fabric.  I was coveting the Liberty fabrics the shop has there -- but a small stack of Liberty Fat Quarters was $95.00!!  A little too much for me!

I did take a couple of pictures of the new shop - a long and narrow space - full of colour!

We also wandered into the Lower East side and we had a Pastrami Sandwich at Katz's deli.. Now that was an experience!!  This is the deli that was in the movie - "When Harry Met Sally"  It was frantic and crowded and the sandwich was fabulous - a bit pricey - but the people watching was worth the price of the sandwich and the pickles were to die for!

After a busy day walking for another 6 hours - which seems to be our daily average - we came back to the apartment - had a little rest - I snoozed and snored - until 5 PM.  We then hopped on the Subway for a quick trip to Times Square and got Theatre tickets for the Broadway play "Race"  with James Spader - who I love!!  The play was great - James Spader was fabulous and we had wonderful seats - and we just missed the "package left in Times Square" incident by a few minutes.

This morning we headed out early to spend the morning at the American Museum of Natural History. 

It is HUGE -  5 Floors!!  We saw as much as we could - I think you have to be selective there because you could never see it all in one visit -- hmmmm - I guess we will have to come back to New York!

Then -- It was off to see the David Letterman Show -- How fun was that!!

The guests were Micheal Keaton and Jenna Fischer from "The Office"  Micheal Keaton was a real hoot!! What a once in a life time experience - I was so surprised that we got tickets.  Another great day - I think we are starting to get tired though.................................

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Day Two in the Big Apple

Today was the day to head "Uptown".  First thing though we went off to Joe -The Art of Coffee   - definitely worth the stop.

Then we headed to the Subway to get our Metro Card and the subway map -- next stop - north bound to Time Square..... I studied the map on route -- Jim announced -- just as the subway was leaving a station -- "This stop is 42nd Street and Time Square....... so... we waited for the next stop!

We got off at 50th Str. - so this is the first photo of Uptown.. we then got back on the subway - south bound to Time Square.

Getting out at Time Square station -- we came out from underground and had no idea where Time Square actually was!  What we were looking for was the Ticket booth - that sold the same day Broadway show tickets....

What we found was Bryant Park...... which was lovely...

We wandered around Bryant park -- me following behind.  As you can see up on the right there was a living art display taking place - it was called "Walk the Walk"

Bryant Park is a very pretty little park - very close to Time Square!  And well known to all of us who watch "Project Runway"

We did eventually find Time Square - and the Ticket booth.  As you can see from the pictures Time Square was teaming with people on a beautiful sunny day.  Heaven knows how we missed it!

Next we headed out to find Rockefeller Center -- that seemed almost as difficult!  We did manage to first find Radio City Music Hall.

Finally after more wandering we found what we were looking for -  Rockefeller Center.

Look up......Way up..... and I'll call Rusty!!  I think only Canadians will know what that means -LOL

We decide to take a tour to the "Top of the Rock"  Fabulous! Fantastic!  Amazing!!

Don't we just look like a couple of tourists!! 

I took 172 pictures today - we walked from 11 AM until 5 PM - not quite as far as yesterday.  We had another wonderful dinner in Greenwich Village and now for some big news.....
We got tickets to go see David Letterman on Wednesday!!!  Totally Cool!!!

We have decided we are going to be staying - maybe we will head back to Vancouver for Christmas..........

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

New York City!!

We have arrived in the Big Apple!!

Our first view of the city as we are in the taxi.  We came in to New York through the Holland Tunnel. It is a very long tunnel under the Hudson River. Quite cool!!  Everything is New York is something you've heard of before on TV or in the movies... driving through Jersey City - the New Jersey Turnpike -- I kept thinking of The Soprano's all the way from the airport -LOL

We have a very cute little place to stay in a very "happening" part of the city.
Greenwich Village is full of great little restaurants and old building and thousands of people.  The building that was on the show "Sex and the City" is just around the corner.  The coffee shop from "Friends" is near by.  So far we have been out to dinner in two very good restaurants - and I think we could go to a new restaurant every day for 6 months - that is how many there are in walking distance from where we are staying.

Jim in our new little home away from home..... or maybe our new home!!  I think it will be hard to leave!

The view across the street from our apartment.  Apparently the building across the street was once owned and occupied by Mick and Bianca Jagger.  

This is the building where we are staying. 

We have been walking all day today.  We left early this morning and walked down 14th Street to the High Line Park which runs above the street along the Hudson River.  It is a new walkway that is being developed from an old, unused train track.   It is still under construction but about a mile and a half are completed for walking.  It is a very interesting walk and we really enjoyed the sites from above the street level.

This is part of the walk - it doesn't look like it is above the street but it really is. There are plants growing "wild" through the old train tracks.

The Hudson River.

A few of the street from the walkway. 

I always seem to be following behind Jim - because I am always stopping to take pictures - and then most of my pictures end up being pictures of Jim - walking up ahead!!

After walking west to the Hudson River we headed back to the Greenwich area and then started walking north - we walked up to Washington Square park and then up 5th Ave. 

We walked and walked.....

We walked all the way up 5th Ave from 4th Street to 25th Street -- where I "remembered" that The City Quilter was on 25th street - between 6th and 7th Ave -- could you believe we were so close!! 

Jim thought that they might not be open on Sunday..........

So we walked and shopped........Now that was a good day!!  

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