Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hearst Castle

This is a quilt that was hanging in the Visitors Centre and Hearst Castle. I am home now and I will try to add some pictures to the posts and post some more about the trip.

Yesterday we drove down the #1 Highway to San Simeon and took the tour of Hearst Castle. The weather was cool and foggy so we didn't get a bunch of sea view pictures. Saw Big Sur - which is sort of like Tofino -vegetarian 30 something surfers with natty dreads and big hats. There were lots of areas along the highway where the road had been washed out from all the rain and had just recently been repaired.

Hearst Castle was wonderful to see. It is beautiful and full of antiques. Inside it looks like an old English castle - full of old wooden choir stalls and old ceilings and fixtures and furniture. The thing I found interesting at the Castle is the bathrooms, because everything is antique in the castle you forget the castle is not built in the 12th century until you see the lovely modern bathrooms with the granite countertops. The two pools are stunning. Well worth the visit. I took a ton of pictures but we were not allowed to take flash pictures so many of them are too dark. It was very foggy and the view from the castle was mostly just fog. There is also an IMAX type movie about WR Hearst that was very good, we really enjoyed it. I took a picture of a Quilt that was hanging in the interpretive centre at Hearst Castle.

Today we drove through the California countryside -- across Highway 46 and 178 -- along the Kern Canyon and Sequoia National Forrest. We are stay the night at Ridgecrest and are heading off through Death Valley tomorrow.

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