Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm back!!

I got home late last night. It was a nice holiday, but I didn't really get much computer time so I am way behind in my blogging! I think it will take forever to catch up and reply to all the comments and read all the blogs.

The weather was hot the entire time - in the 30's everyday. Although I hear the weather in Vancouver was fairly mild and wet while I was away. I went to 4 quilt shops and bought lots of fabric. There is a quilt shop in Canmore Alberta that is rated one of the top ten quilt shops in North America ( I'm not sure who rated it) It was in the Better Homes and Gardens Quilt shop issue a couple of years ago. There was a comment from Anna "Quilt Mom" on my blog about the shop -- and I can't reply to Anna or even get to her blog - so if you are reading this - I did get to the Sugar Pine in Canmore and it was well worth the drive. I will post fabric pictures soon.

Before I left on my trip I first had to fix my brand new sandals that the dog chewed!!! I use a bit of mole skin and sewed them back together! That darn dog.

Here is a picture of the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Revelstoke B.C. I stopped and took this shot for you all to see the drive. It is a very pretty drive - but not so nice in the winter - lots and lots of snow then.

I took this picture as I was driving - that was a bit tricky - LOL. Probably right up there with talking on the cell phone and doing your nails at the same time while driving.

This is a picture at the Calgary Stampeded of the "Heebee Jeebees" and the Calgary Police up singing on the Coca Cola stage. There are various free shows going all day and most of the night on the Coca Cola stage. Great fun.

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I didn't take many pictures at the Stampede this year. I am not sure why, it was quite hot the day we were there.
It seems I did very little on this holiday and I think I needed the rest. I am happy with all the fabric I bought! I have a few things that I never got done before I left - so now it is time to get back to the business of quilting and blogging :))


  1. WOW ! Beautiful pictures!
    I'm glad you could rest, it feels sooooo good ...
    And you could buy some fabrics, lucky you ! (NO quilt shop for me in Italy - I wonder where they're hiding ?) LOL

    Big ((HUG)) and smiles,

  2. pleased you had a nice time away...thank goodness some bloggers have been on holidays )not me) as blogging posts have slowed down and that has made it a little easier to try and keeep up.........visiting a pile of quilt shops how exciting.......thanks for the beautiful pics and looking forward to seeing what you brought.....

  3. Welcome back! I'm glad you had a great trip - what beautiful pictures. Hope you are well rested now.

  4. Welcome home Pam. OMG - what a beautiful sight those Rocky Mountains are! It's so nice to see vacation pictures - they're popping up all over Blogland.

    Don't forget to share photos of what you bought along the way.

  5. Glad to have u back Pam!!! Your pictures r great (good job driving and photographing lol) How beautiful r the Rocky Mountains??? Wow they r stunning!!!

  6. ciao,
    welcome home.
    I hope you have had some wonderful and relaxing holidays.
    I wait for pics.

    ciao ciao

  7. What fantastic photo's Pam, I just love seeing photo's of places I've never been. Looking forward to seeing your photo's of your purchases.

  8. Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your purchases.

  9. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing at the risk of your life! LOL Sounds like you had a good time.

  10. Welcome Home! The rockies are gorgeous, thanks for the pictures. I look forward to seeing your new fabrics.

  11. Glad you enjoyed your holiday Pam. The mountains are beautiful.

  12. Welcome home! Beautiful pictures of the Rockies - you can't help but be in total awe!

  13. Welcome back! Oh your pictures bring back memories! Glad you had some rest! Keep well!

  14. Gorgeous scenery pictures! Thanks for sharing.