Friday, July 18, 2008

Trip - Part One -- Vancouver to Yorkton

I took a few pictures as I was driving -- probably not the best idea.

Vancouver to Cranbrook -- aprox 980 kms. Total driving time 11 hours.

This is as I am coming down a big hill towards Osoyoos B.C. - in the Okanogan valley. It is a lovely - hot, dry area of B.C. Lots of vineyards and wineries in the area - plus fruit orchards - growing peaches, cherries, plums, apples etc.

A little truck accident I drove by just outside Grand Forks B.C.

Here is a picture of the Creston B.C. valley area - just about 130 kms to Cranbrook now.

After a few days in Cranbrook I drove to Calgary --- 400 kms from Cranbrook to Calgary.

Then Jessica, Hunter and I drove to Yorkton Sask --- 960 kms from Calgary to Yorkton.

Here is a picture of Jessica and Hunter in front of the big moose in Moose Jaw Sask.

And our final destination -- Yorkton Sask.

Total distance driven to this point -- aprox 2300 km.


  1. Thanks for the trip! I am a native of Saskatchewan as I was born there. I spent some summers growing up with my aunt and uncle. They showed heavy horses at the Yorkton fair every year. I love the moose! It is a great landmark. I am headed to Sask. at the end of August. I will have to remember to take photos as I head along.

  2. A little truck accident??? YIKES!

    Oooo such beautiful and fun pictures!

  3. that's a big trip........thanks for sharing the pics...........

  4. Hi Pam,
    What nice pictures of your trip- especially nice of Jessica and Hunter.
    There is nothing like prairie sky( I know spoken like a true prairie girl). The picture of the mountains are beautiful too.


  5. Thanks for sharing your drive with us. Yorkton doesn't look as nice as the BC pictures.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with us! Hugs!

  7. Thanks for sharing pictures of your travels. Lovely area and an area I may not ever see. Love the picture of Jessica and Hunter with the moose. :-)

  8. Oh Pam! all the pictures are beautiful,and really Nice the picture of Jessica and Hunter!
    talk to you soon!kisses for you, Andrea

  9. Nice the pic with Jessica and Hunter.............
    You have done a very long trip.
    ciao ciao