Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is happening here?

First off I thought we needed a new picture of Hunter!! I like this picture - he looks so gosh darn cute with his little glasses - which he never leaves on for more than 30 seconds! And it's not that bad of a picture of me - LOL. As I usually take pretty terrible pictures.

So - the news from the homefront. We all remember the photo of the new wallhanging finally up on the fireplace wall. Well - now the plan is to remove that wall!!

The fireplace is a great big brick rectangle in the middle of the house. It is about 37 inches wide by 87 inches long. We have decided we need to do a kitchen renovation - and hired a designer guy to help with the remodel. The kitchen is very small and needs to be made a little larger.

So - the designer guy says - "you really should decrease the size of the fireplace - that would make a huge difference" And the fireplace is not all that attactive - the brick is old and dated the actual fireplace is old and dated. But it is not going to be as easy as it sounds - and it doesn't really sound easy. The fireplace needs to be removed from floor to roof - the floor will have to be redone - the ceiling redone - the roof patched. A new fireplace, and chimney installed -- and we haven't gone anywhere near the kitchen.

Now the designer guy has been sick for a couple of weeks and we don't have the plans yet and the builder guy is "supposed" to be starting next weekend. We haven't really decided what to do for a new fireplace - have no idea what the kitchen will look like and haven't ordered cupboards - because we don't have a PLAN!

We are going to remove the valances and curtains from all the windows in the house -- so all the drywall will need to be redone above the windows - and off course we are allready having to redo the ceiling because of the changing of walls for the kitchen and removing the fireplace.

And summer is coming!! Supposedly it is better to get started instead of waiting for fall. But with summer comes Jim working full on with the start of the fishing season and I have holiday's booked. I was hoping to go to Calgary - which might have to be put off until August. And I have a road trip with my quilting peeps to Sisters Oregon in July. I am excited to go - rooms have been booked in Bend - quilt shops picked out! That trip won't be cancelled - and it is a short trip - 4 days only.

I am looking forward to the new kitchen and the more open living area - but I can feel the stress level rising here. Good thing I don't monitor my blood pressure! Or - maybe I should.

I am working on getting a few Dear Jane blocks ready for hand stitching as my sewing room might become a bit of a living room storage room. So ----- it should be an interesting summer.
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  1. Oh you poor dear...... Now it that fireplace load bearing in any way? Can't you just paint it white or something?

    I don't envy you having work done this summer. I did that last year and I have had enough to last a lifetime.

    Prayers will be said for you daily.

    And not to forget that Hunter looks delightful in his glasses. It is a good picture.

  2. Hunter looks absolutely adorable!! Now, the home renovation will be great, of course, but where will your gorgeous wallhanging reside? Decisions,decisions...

  3. Such a nice photo of both you and Hunter. Happy faces. Hmm...if you want the brick gone you should go for it. You could remove the brick and reface the existing fireplace wall - drywall the dining room side or install a see through fireplace - or blast the entire thing out of there...oh, the possibilities! If you want a new kitchen and to update the living space of your home you should go ahead and get it done so you can enjoy it for years to come. Hope that "plan" arrives pronto! A trip to Sisters sounds like such lucky girl!! Sounds like a crazy exciting summer ahead for you.

  4. That's a lovely photo of you two. Hunter is really growing.

    Good luck with that remodel. Sounds like a big project. Be sure to keep us filled in a work progresses!

  5. I have a great idea . . . just take a sabatical from work and come stay with me for the summer. You can sew and rest and read and avoid all of the plaster/brick dust, which I understand is not good for you. Of course, I'm not exactly sure where I'll be this summer, but that's just a minor detail.

  6. I loved the pic of you and Hunter! So cute! We are doing work on our cottage too, so I throughly empathize. You will love all the changes though!

  7. Home renovations always seem to be fraught with difficulties! I hope yours goes very very smoothly. Lucky you going to Sisters!! Take lots of photos -- please!!

  8. Hunter looks very cute.
    Funny with doing up the house, one thing always leads to more as while you doing that.... Hope it goes well.

  9. Lovely picture of you and Hunter. I hope Hunter gets used to those glasses soon.

    You sure have your work cut out for you, or at least the builders have. Don't get too stressed out about it all. It's actually good that you already have scheduled some holidays, you will need them!

  10. New pics on the blog for you. That one of Bean is old! There are many new ones for you to swoon over. And ... The fireplace is about 37 inches wide by 87 inches long. That's a fairly Accurate ESTIMATE if you ask me mother!

    I say leave the fire place.. go the other way with the kitchen. That brick and fireplace work is just tooo much!!

  11. Gee those fireplaces were the in thing back in the 1960s, they do take up a lot of space.though. Hope it all goes a bit of elastic at the back of the glasses sometimes works, Good luck with all

  12. Precious photo os you and Hunter. I don't envy your all the home renovation, but wont' it be great when it's done?

  13. Why do babies in glasses look so adorable! He is precious. And that is a great pic of the both of you together. You should frame it!