Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Images of Jim and one picture that is not Jim

We have been out and about again.  We are quite enjoying all the activity and all the excitement that is happening in our city.

A big congratulations go out to today's winners -- Yay --  Lindsey Vonn - I was cheering for you and Shani Davis  -- What race!!  Great day for the U.S today!!  Great Day for Maelle Ricker yesterday -- Lucky Andrew was at the Snowboard Cross up Cypress to watch the race live and then won a couple of front row tickets to the medal ceremony last night -- Bare Naked Ladies! 

Anyway as Jim and I are tourists in our own town - we did the touristy thing and take lots of pictures.  I am the photographer and Jim often in the pictures.   So I am going to post a few of our "touristy"  shots.

Where is that torch????

This in in front of Canada Place - The Pan Pacific Hotel - also the media centre.

Years ago when we were traveling in Belgium and Holland it became a bit of a chuckle to see a bunch of tourists posing like this in front of all the monuments - so on every trip we now must have a few posing photos!

Then we decided we needed a few photos of Jim and the competition!!  Anyone in a foreign jersey or the colours of their country was approached for a photo op!!


A couple of guys from Switzerland.

Russia -- there are a lot of these Russian jackets downtown.  This guy didn't speak a word of English but he happily posed for the picture and could say the word -- HOCKEY!!


Today was Alberta Day at the Canada Pavilion.  So here is Jim with the Mounties. 

They were giving away Cowboy hats at Canada Pavilion.  Jim took a hat and wore it for most of the afternoon but decided he was going to find someone to give it to before the end of the day.  So I needed at least one picture of him in the hat.  They were nice hats -- I kept mine.

Rocket Richard's Montreal Canadian's Jersey.  That is not a great picture! 

Here he is with a couple of guys from Russia -- who have been shopping up a storm. 

They happily posed for the picture and then asked how to get to Pacific Centre Mall. 

He was quite thrilled when Jim told him he could keep the hat!
Off he goes to shop some more -- ready for the Calgary Stampede!

And the last picture is Howie Mandel -- who was just standing next to me at the Roots Canada store!

I asked him if I could take his picture and he said - sure.  Not a bad picture of him!  And then I told him it was so crazy busy in Roots that we were going to go and come back to shop when it was a little quieter.  I should have told him how much I liked him in St. Elsewhere.............................

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed ypur photos, Jim looks good in red, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Cah you tell I always hit P before the O.

  3. Happy sigh...what a fun filled day! You and Jim do know how to enjoy the day. Meeting Howie. How cool is that! :-D

  4. Wow! It looks like you two are having a great time. Lucky dogs! It'll be so quiet when all the tourists have gone home.

  5. Funny time Pam! I would like to be there! nice pictures too, Kisses and hugs for you!

  6. Great photos and what fun it must be to meet so many people from all over the world in one place!