Sunday, April 18, 2010

This post is for Kim

Kim from Still Meadow wants to know when I am coming ashore!! I have been busy!!

Mostly I have been working - I worked 7 days in 14 - I still have a few more days to work before I am rewards with a trip to Washington State for a little vacation. And then the beginning of May we are going to be flying to NEW YORK CITY!!!! for 8 nights!! I have always wanted to go to New York. We have rented a little one bedroom apartment in the "West Village" we will be almost real New Yorkers!! I have found 2 quilt shops close by -- The Purl in Soho and The City Quilter.

We have been busy with the prawn pots --- STILL!! I am totally excited about the end of prawn season!! I have been out pulling the "pawn prots" more than I really think is necessary now. I have discovered that Jim is a bit of a hoarder!  And I keep saying "pawn prots"  instead of "pawn pots" 

I was off yesterday with my Friday stitch group to a Craft and Sewing sale and I picked up this table runner kit.

It looks like it was made to match the new slate on the fireplace.

It is a simple 4 patch design - I think it will be perfect for the table.  Now I just have to make it.

I am also working hard on the salmon table runner.  My quilt guild is having a show in June and I am going to put the salmon in the show.  It has been a big even to machine blanket stitch around all those edges!!  And the number of threads to pull through and bury and clip!!  Quite the event -- hence I have been far to engrossed in tying off thread to actually blog about anything!  That is my excuse and I am sticking to it! LOL

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  1. I knew that would get you off the prawn boat, lol. I know how busy you are with work and family and all the hours spent at the fitness center. This all takes time and dedication. I am glad to see a post here once in a blue moon though, so thanks for this! :-D You've probably noticed that it's been at least three weeks since I've posted a word on my own blog? I'm going for four! I'm busy too. Clearing out the junk...sigh. Seriously now. The table runner kit that you found is absolutely perfect!! Did somebody come by your house to match the fabrics for you? Surely you did not just find that off the rack? Pretty cool at any rate. And Mr. Salmon, stick a fork in him he looks done and soon will be dinner, lol, he's looking darn yummy. The time you took for thread changes and pulling them through paid off nicely. Excellent applique work, Pam. Now it's off to the quilt show with him, right? Did you know that we are swimming in Salmon here sort of like you and the Pawn Prots thing? Rofl, it's time you were let off the prawn duty. Maybe it's time to do some home-brewing. Tom and I were just moaning over how long it's been since he's had time to brew up a good batch. Too busy to brew. It's a crying shame. Oh, but wait! No time to brew cause you are jetting off to NY CITY! Gonna rub elbows with Mr. Letterman? Hope you get in to DC for a least a day. Lots to see there and maybe even Mr. President? I would like to meet Mrs. President. What will you do down in Washington State? Fly fishing? You could you know! But you might prefer your fish to be of the applique variety after all those prawn prots. BTW, loce the blue fabric that you backed Mr. Salmon with. Did you dye your own? I need just that color for a project...hmmm. Awck, I'm rambling away here in your comment section, lol. Anyway, so good to find you here once skinny girl!!

  2. Soo very glad you get a vacation soon. You deserve it. Eat some NY pizza for me, yumm!

  3. The salmon is FABULOUS...........

    The table runner was a great find. You will find time soon to get it stitched.

    Hope you enjoy NY...........

  4. Looks like you have been one busy girl Pam- Seems to be alot of that going around in Blogland.
    Love your new table runner fabric- the colors are gorgeous for your new renovation.

    Your Salmon is a beauty too.
    I bet you will have a fantastic time in NYC. Will you go to a show or two? I have never been there but it sounds like it will be a fantastic place to take a trip.

    Hope all is well with you and yours,

  5. The salmon is coming along beautifully Pam! I hope you bring it to stitch for tail burying and clipping so we can see it.

    Prawns!!! Yummmmm!!!

  6. Hi Pam, been thinking of you lately as I have been 'thinking Japanese'. I'd love to hear about Purl in NY as I read their blog and look at their website regularly. They have recently moved into a new shop so that should be a treat!