Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fairy Quilt

Hopefully this picture is clickable so the quilt can be seen close up. I was hoping to finish it for Phoenix and send it down after Christmas but it will not be quite finished. I am not sure what sort of quilting to do in the sashing - trying to decide if I should just do a 1/4 inch outline or hand quilt a few hearts etc - or stipple. That is my main stall...
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  1. I love all of the fairy sweet!

  2. A good way to get this pretty little girl's quilt done might be to simply cross hatch the entire quilt from edge to edge. I think it'll look nice, tack it down securely and allow you to finish in time. Go for it! :-D

  3. I would suggest a stipple. It will hold up well through the years of washing and cuddling. She's going to love it!

  4. Merry Christmas Pam to you and to your family.
    ciao ciao Linda