Sunday, July 24, 2011

Having a broken ankle does have a few bright moments. I received a wonderful visit and these fabulous flowers from my quilting friend Dianne ( double NN ).

I am starting to go a little stir crazy though. I went outside last night for a little exercise hop up the driveway - which is much steeper than I thought!! And coming back down was almost scary! Jim walked ahead of me just in case I lost control and ended up at the bottom smashed into the garage - sort of like the drywall - but that's another story.

But I am finding ways to entertain myself. My blog might benefit.

Finally a bit of summer has come to the west coast.

I have myself set up on the deck. I signed up for Netflix and I am working on my wool appliqué BOM from Creative Edge Quilt shop in North Van. Jim made a lovely BBQ Leg of lamb and Greek salad for dinner last night. It sounds like it's going to be panko breaded jumbo prawns tonight. Hopefully I don't gain a bunch of weight sitting around and enjoying Jim's cooking. Now he's going to put a keg of beer on tap!!

I have to say that what has happened in Norway is just heart breaking. My deepest sympathy to the whole country and all those parents who's lives will never be the same again.


  1. Gorgeous flowers - your friend knows how to brighten the day. Jim's cooking sounds indeed yummy- Greek salad is one of my favorite salads.

    You have not posted any photos of your grand babies for awhile- How are Hunter and Phoenix doing - They must be getting so big..
    Hang in there- you will be up and walking those hills and beaches before you know it.

  2. Greek salad IS my favorite. YUM. Enjoy the scenery from your new vantage point; sending best wishes for speedy healing today, Pam!