Monday, November 07, 2011

Well - I am still alive!

And walking - more or less --- and pictures to prove it................... This picture is taken just outside the Burrowing Owl winery in Oliver B.C.

The weekend before Halloween Jim and I headed off to the sunny Okanogan to meet up with my mum and dad for a little get away.  So here I am with my mum and dad - standing on two feet - in shoes.  I am hiding my cane............. I am doing well - can't walk too far and limping a bit and whining a lot but I have been out of the boot for almost 3 weeks and now I need to try to take off the weight I put on while sitting on the deck and doing nothing for 2 months............and we go to spend the weekend going from winery to winery buying wine!!  Like that was a good idea!

Halloween has come and gone and Jim decided he needed to carve a pumpkin this year............

I have been doing a bit of quilting.  I am making a baby quilt for Vincia ( who got married a couple of years ago and I made the African Wedding quilt for - I will see if I can find a link for that.)  Here is the link -- African wedding quilt

Vincia gave me a Winnie the Pooh receiving blanket when she gave me the fabric she wanted in the wedding quilt.  So she phoned a few weeks ago to say she is expecting - so I can take a hint :)  It was hard to find fabric to match the colours in the receiving blanket but I found the green polka dot fabric in Armstrong BC on our little trip in October.  I have a plan to put a small narrow light yellow border between the quilt and the green border.  I had saved a picture a couple of years ago of a split nine patch with Winnie the Pooh fabric - this quilt is pretty much the same as the picture I had saved at the colours in the fabric are the same.  Vincia loves the original Winnie the Pooh - not the Disney Winnie the Pooh - I am not sure where she found the receiving blanket - I hope I have turned her little receiving blanket into a quilt she will be happy with in the end. 

I am off to a quilting retreat next weekend so I can finish the baby quilt and do a few more of the many Civil war blocks I am working on at the present!

But I am still alive :))

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  1. glad to see you up and about..........enjoy your quilting weekend............

  2. The last three baby quilts I made, I backed with Minkee fabric. I loved it and so did the mums and babes. That Pooh fabric is precious! - Kim

  3. I like Jim's pumpkin. :) And I like that you have both feet on the ground again. Recovery has been a long haul for you. The only side benefit was sewing time but a tough way to get that. The Pooh quilt is going to be perfect for your friends and a great way to welcome their first baby. How's the wine?

  4. The winnie the pooh fabric is so sweet- I really like how your quilt is working out Pam.
    Nice to see you back on two feet again. It has been quite the journey for you.
    Have fun in the winery. I am sure you will have a lovely time with your folks.
    Warmest regards,

  5. Great to hear from you Pam! I'm so glad to see you're up and about, I've been thinking of you often!