Saturday, February 04, 2012

Snowy Owl

I was a Guide leader when Jessica was in Girl Guildes and my name was Snowy Owl!

There has been a large number of Snowy Owls spending the winter in the Ladner B.C area so today we took a drive out there to see them. It was wonderful to see them! We saw about 12-15. We heard that last weekend there were 30-40 out there.

We got a few great pictures.  They were just sitting along the drift wood along the beach.  We think this is a female as she has a bit more grey/brown on her and the males are mostly white.  Isn't she beautiful - and they are quite large birds.  We also saw a couple of other brown owls - I think they were called Short eared owls.

This eagle was sitting on this pole when we got there - and was still on the pole when we were leaving.  I think she was finding all the activity quite entertaining!

There were hundreds of people out there!  It was amazing.  When Jim suggested we go out there - I thought it would be a lovely little walk along the dyke to see the owls - just the two of us!  Oh the people - and their cameras!  Oh my goodness.  Most of the people there had cameras with lenses the size of a small car!!  Good heavens.  Look at all the cars!!

Jim brought the spotting scope - which was nice to have.  The binoculars were good but you could get an even better look through the spotting scope.  Quite a few people stopped as we were looking and we let them look through the spotting scope as well. 

And here is a quick quilt picture.  I have finished it completely now and it is for the neighbours who had a baby girl (Charlie) in November.  Jim keeps telling them -- Pam has something for you!!  I had decided to do a little stitchery of a bird for the label - so typical me - I am slow!  I hope to get the label finished and sewn on this weekend.  I have never really done any embroidery - maybe one item as a young child.  So I decided to jump on the bandwagon - because I need another "something" to shop for!!

Last weekend we were at the boat show in Seattle.  That is a blog post in itself!  But those photos are on another camera. 

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  1. Wow, what pretty owls. And a lovely little quilt finish. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We read about the Snowy Owls coming south. It must have been amazing to see them in person. Thank you so much for sharing the photo -- what a magnificent bird!

  3. Nice photos of the Owl adventure Pam! Surprising that the birds hang around with all those people there! I guess the article in the sun really brought them out - the people I mean.
    Cute quilt too!

  4. What a beautiful bird Pam. Isn't it nice that so many people still care about nature in this crazy techno world?

  5. Lovely little owl, I also laugh when I think I'm heading off to a quiet spot only to find it packed.
    The baby quilt is very pretty.

  6. Hope everything is all good at your place , missed your posts.

  7. I do love the eagle and the owl - wonderful photos!