Monday, January 07, 2013

Someone is sitting in my chair

I am finally starting to get past the swelling and nasty and uncomfortable nerve pain - that only took 7 weeks!

I get the purple cast removed on Thursday!! Yay. Then on to the next phase - which will probably include a new a different pain as I start putting weight on my foot. But hopefully it is a good pain -a "things are getting better pain"!

I have been up to the chair more and more. The chair is reclining but it doesn't quite work well enough to get my foot higher than my heart.

But it seems I was not out of bed early enough this morning! Somebody is sitting in MY chair! And not all that happy when I demanded she vacate!


  1. So very glad you are finally mending. It's been a long 7 weeks, no doubt. Now if Dolly were sitting in your chair, you'd not be able to see your chair, LOL.

  2. SO happy to hear the pain is decreasing! You must be over the moon excited about getting your cast off and becoming more mobile. Jenny is obviously expressing a desire to be as close to you as possible, why else would she cuddle up on a snuggly quilt or curl up in a comfy chair??? ;0)

  3. I suppose now that you are healed and on the run once again we won't see anyone but Jenny sitting in your quilting chair? Now if we could only teach her how to quilt!

  4. Happy New Year my friend! Do you still have the cast? Seems you've been in that darn cast for way too long! Just left a comment on what I thought was a new blog for you only to realize it belongs to Jim. So he'll think I'm a nut case. At least I'm a Canadian nut case! lol Just read an article on a dog that I think you would appreciate. Will send it to you. Hugs!