Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Spring Retreat -- a post for Darlene

The first thing I wanted to complete is the baby quilt for the couple down the street. The baby is due May 3rd. I got it layered and machine quilted and the binding machine stitched on. It just needs a bit of hand quilting in the solid blocks and the binding hand stitched down.

The Chocolat table centre was quite a bit of work as it turned out with all the sashing and corner blocks. I should have strip pieced the sashing and corner blocks - it would have gone a little quicker. I put the first border around (light green fabric) and then decided I really needed the sashing to go around the outside before the first border. So I had to take off the light green (only two sides though) make more sashing (these are 1 inch strips and squares) and sew them around the outside of the blocks. Does that all make sense? Anyway that put me behind for time - I was hoping to get this top layered this weekend as well. But it is small enough I can layer it at home.

As I was working on my charm pack quilt another quilter showed me what she was doing with her charm pack. I thought Darlene would like to see this. I thought it was pretty nifty - looked great and was really easy.

She took the full five inch blocks and sewed them together as a nine patch. Then they are cut right down the middle in both directions. Then you just mix them up and sew them together any way you want. It is hard to see the nine patch from the picture - she didn't have any nine patch blocks before they are cut. You can see how the nine patches are cut in quarters and then can be mixed back together.

But you can see what happens with the block. You get a block that has one 5 inch square and the 2 1/2 inch pieces on the sides.

I thought it was a great idea. I don't know if I am behind the times completely and this has been out in the quilt world for years - which is entirely possible :)) but I had not seen this idea before. You could even do this and sew blocks together to make fabric for a really cool bag. I bought a new pack of charm squares -- Chez Moi -- which I thought would be great fabric to try this with.

A few people have honored me with a Thinking Blogger award last week. It was so wonderful to find my blog among the names of some wonderful bloggers that I also love to read each day. I thank you all so much including me among your favourite reads. There are so many inspiring bloggers out there. I am so happy to have stumbled upon blogging, ( by accident - and it is a long story which I shall tell one day). I have such a list of bloggers that it is hard to pick out just a few. Most of the blogs I read are on the Quilting 4 Pleasure blog ring. I am so glad I was able to join the ring - and how it has grown, from me coming in at #13 to now 73 members and more waiting to join. Not all of the blogs I read are from the blog ring. It is so strange how we accidently happen across a certain blog that pulls us in and then brings us back again - and then an email or two and before you know it you know a fellow quilter in Italy, Portugal, Australia or Ontario. And of course so many American quilters, one or two for almost every state - no Hawaii yet. We will have to wait for Kim I guess. I can not really single out just five blogs, I love to read you all!!! Thank you.


  1. Your Chocolat table topper is looking wonderful - I love the colour you chose for the sashing.

    The focus fabric in the baby quilt is so darling - what sweet little bunnies.

    Hugs, Gail

  2. I loved the nine patch idea with the charm squares. Pretty nifty way to use those charm packs!

  3. Hi I loved your photos. The chocolate table centre will be gorgeous.
    The technique with the charm packs is called a disappearing nine patch. Isn't it just the niftiest idea. I have made several of these. They are great for pressies as they go together so fast. Have fun with it! :-))

  4. I just found that 9 patch idea also, isn't it clever? It went straight to the "gotta do" list.... your Chocolat looks so yummy!

  5. You have been busy Pam. The sashing on the Chocolat quilt does look like it took some time. I like your charm square block - are those fabrics all from the same range? How is that pooch going? My namesake I should say!

  6. That nine patch idea is so clever. I think about making something like this too. May be on my quilt reatret this weekend.

    Love the chocolate fabric. I got them too. Have not cut into them yet.

  7. The baby quilt is so cute. The piping in the border adds a lot.

    I'm glad you took the time to change the border on the Chocolat. I think if I decide not to take the time to do something that I'm not entirely comfortable with, I remember it everytime I use the quilt. I like the sashing all the way around too.

    I've seen the ninepatch trick, and think it is really nifty. It is good to share ideas like that.

    Congratulations on being winning a Thinking Blogger Award.

  8. Pam ur baby quilt is gorgeous.....love the rabbits!!! im sure ur neighbours will love it.....Thanks for sharing that ninepatch trick, ive never seen it before, its a great idea!!!
    Love the chocolat!!!! colours r devine!!

  9. I like as you are going to mount quilt of Chocolat and the idea that you have had for the other project. I am using a translator of Google. A greeting. Pilar from Spain.

  10. Love, love your Chocolat topper. It's charming! The borders are perfect!

    I've seen the disappearing nine patch idea before but never with charm squares. You're absolutely right - it's a great idea for Darlene. HMMM - time to pull out more packages of charm squares. LOL Thank you so much, Pam.

  11. I hadn't seen the 9 patch idea, I might have to try that it seems really cool. Your baby quilt is so cute with the bunnies on it.

  12. Looking forward to seeing how your charm pack project comes out :-)

  13. Your chocolate Table center is looking gorgeous. It really pulls everything together. The baby quilt is sweet. You're so organized. I'm still trying to put the binding on Carolyn's quilt! I'm so glad to read that you had a wonderful time on your retreat. I need one of those!

  14. Ciao Pam,
    This new idea for the nine patch is great!!!
    Your Chocolate is wonderful, I like the border with the flowers.
    See you here soon.
    Enjoy quilting!!
    I'm happy to have you among my favourite bloggers.
    Ciao, ciao.

  15. Love, love, love the baby quilt! I like the way the chocolat looked. The other setting is nice, and I'd use it for some things, but I like yours for this one much better.

  16. Pam, your nine patch baby quilt is soooo beautiful ! It's a must ! I was thinking that sometimes we complicate our fabric choices way too much. Herenis a good example of yours : three matching fabrics, and a gorgeous result ! Let's simplify !
    Love, love, your Chocolat setting, as well. THANKS for the inspiration !

    Hugs & smiles !

  17. I really like the way you've used the grid with the gray and red to set off your blocks...nice job.