Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A busy weekend - but a start to the bag

I worked an 8 hour shift on Friday - a 12 hour shift on Saturday and a 16 hour shift on Sunday!! That was a full work week in three days. Boy was I tired yesterday - so I didn't start the bag yesterday like I was hoping. I also had to go get a 7 inch zipper before I could start.

The big thing that Jim and I did yesterday was --- we went to the travel agent and booked the Alaskan Cruise we are going to take for my birthday at the end of May. We booked on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line -- "Serenade of the Seas". It is a 7 day cruise that is a round trip from Vancouver to Hubbard Glacier, Skagway and Juneau. I am going to have to find out where the quilt shops are in Skagway and Juneau. It should be a fun trip. We have not been on a Cruise before - so I guess I need to get some "cruise wear" --LOL. I think the Royal Caribbean Cruises are fairly casual - but I guess I am going to have to get a couple of nice "evening wear" outfits for a formal dinner or two. Anyone have hints and tips about cruising to Alaska please pass them on!!

So I did work on the bag for most of today. It is going fairly well - this is the front sections and I have started on the back pocket and handles section as well now. Heidi is a very big help to me - I've had a few questions so far.

The green fabric in the bag is not photographing true. The contrasting fabric is a true green with the blue chrysanthemums very light and the two colours have very little contrast. In the photos the green shows up as almost a gold and the blue is very bright with a much higher contrast. Unfortunately you can't see in the photos how well the two fabrics actually look together -- the green of the fabric is the same green as the leaves in the butterfly fabric and just the slight touch of blue blends with the blue in the butterflies as well as there is a slight touch of blue in the leaves as well. Anyway -- I have done quite a bit today and I am quite happy with how it is going together so far. Although I have a long, long way to go!!

I thought I would throw in a picture of the goofy dog. She loves to lie in her basket on her back with her feet in the air - and she loves to play with her Hedgehog.

She got the Hedgehog for Christmas and promptly pulled off one leg and started pulling out the stuffing. We took it away from her and I perform emergency surgery and closed the gaping wound - and she has been very good since and not pulled any more limbs off Hedgehog. She will carry him around from room to room like he is her puppy.

And finally a picture Jim took this weekend - apparently it was sunny at some point this weekend, but I missed it. This is a picture of the backside of "The Lions" They are behind our house - we don't have a view of them from the house, you have to go up the street to get a good view of them. It is a nice picture of them I thought.
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  1. I like this bag and I'm waiting to see the end.
    Wonderful the pic of "The Lions"
    I hope you and Jim will do a nice trip for your birthday.
    ciao ciao

  2. You're doing a wonderful job! It looks amazing with those fabrics. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ohhhh! Alaskan Cruise! I want to go too!

    Nice Bag. Looks like a pattern with lots of reinforcement so you can pack lots of goodies from those quilt shops in Alaska home with you!

  4. lol...silly puppy!!!

    The bag is looking good, I love the fabric choices!

  5. What a lovely post .... the bag fabrics look lovely, I'll watch your progress from this side of the country ..... silly puppy, glad she's not pulling Hedgehog's legs off anymore ..... and lastly, nice photo!

  6. Ha! My dogs have always loved that hedgehog and have had several. Just THIS morning I also performed surgery on ours. But I am sure I'll be doing another repair soon. Roogrr just can't leave those seams alone!!!

    We were thinking of cruising for the first time this year too. For our 15th anniversary. But I think I want something tropical.

  7. Wow, no wonder you were tired. Hope you can catch up on your sleep. Love the picture of the pup!

  8. Love the fabrics you are using for the bag, can't wait to see what it looks like when its done.
    Silly doggy.

  9. A cruise to Alaska is the only cruise I've ever had a desire to do. You're going to have such fun. :-)

    Love the bag! Great looking fabrics.

    Wonderful picture of The Lions - not familiar with that.

  10. Oh Pam you must be exhausted working all weekend.

    Great job with the fantastic looking bag, can't wait to see done.

    The Lions are beautiful.

  11. Cool bag but super cute puppy girl!

  12. Pam! Your are doing a beautiful job with the bag!
    nice picture!

  13. Ngaire has one of those hedgehogs. It squeaked, rattled and "groaned" and she loved playing tunes on it until the squeaker and groaner wore out. I've never managed to find her another one!

  14. Pam,

    I love the bag you are working on..whats the pattern? Your cruise sounds fun...Love the pic Jim took.
    Have a good weekend..Toni

  15. Da i looked further down and found the pattern.toni

  16. We've been talking about an Alaskan cruise. Sounds like so much fun. I love the bag too.

  17. Something weird is going on. I'm getting emails with the comments to your post. I tried to email you about it from the "email" link in your "about me" section but that didn't seem to be working either.

  18. Jenny looks like she loves her hedgehog.

  19. My DH and I took ferries up to Alaska. Beautiful scenery all along the coast! We went in June ... no bugs, bring wind and water proof jackets (gloves, hat and scarf), umbrellas and a really warm sweater because when you stand in front of a glacier, it's like standing in front of a freezer that is open. Good shoes that can be waterproofed are a big help. You will get rain (sometimes a lot of it) depending where you stop at. Can you pack me into your suitcase?

  20. I can see clearly now that the problems fixed! Can you guess on the tune? lol WOW, a cruise to Alaska, I'm envious! You'll have to tell us all about it! That bag is looking sweet! Your daughter will be styling! An original work of Art! You know what they say about one's pet, just like the owner! I'm running and ducking! LOL