Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am home again

I flew in from Calgary very late Tuesday night. The first thing I did Wednesday is head off to the new quilt shop in town that opened up while I was away. I bought some of the Dandelion Girls fabric by Fig tree - such lovely fabric. I hope it is in my next Moda fat quarter club from The Fat Quarter Shop. I haven't taken a picture of it yet though.

Jessica and the baby are doing well. There was a nurse that came by for 2 hours on Monday to talk about the Down Syndrome program at the Alberta Children's hospital. It sounds like there are a lot of services and she will have lots of support in Calgary.

The nurse brought this quilt for Hunter. Isn't it great. It is from the "Friends and Needles Quilt Guild" and it is just such a bright, cheerful and fun quilt. Perfect for playtime on the floor!! It has already been put to use. Quilters are certainly the nicest and most generous and thoughtful people!! Thank you to all of you!

The nurse was very helpful with pointers on positioning Hunter so he can find his hands and feet and strengthen various muscle groups. The Childrens Hospital has a physiotherapist that will come to the house starting around 3 months.

This is the little quilt that was Hunter's when he was in the NICU. I don't know if Jessica was supposed to take it home but she really loved it - being the baby's very first quilt.

It is 14 inches by 22 inches and it is backed with flannel - no batting. So I thought I would make a few up for the NICU to take back there. These are made by a quilt guild in Calgary as well and the nurses said they never have enough for all the babies that come through, but they like each baby to have a little quilt. It is nice for the mum's to have the little quilt as a reminder of the time spent in the hospital. I have quite a bit of Sock Monkey flannel left - perfect for little quilts like these.

And of course we should have a least one baby picture - shouldn't we? Gosh he's cute!!


  1. What a little doll!

  2. What a gorgeous baby. And the quilts for the NICU are a great idea!! I have some sock monkey charm squares -- think I'll contact the hospital here and see if they use the little quilts in the NICU.

  3. Hi Pam,
    He is a cutie pie, Pam. One of the women I quilt with, had a son that had been in the NICU, so last winter we had a quilt weekend where we made blankets like Hunter received. It was a fun way to spend the weekend - Some of us used some odd blocks that we had, and added a border to make them about the size of a place mat. We made about 40 blankets that weekend.
    Will you go back to Calgary again soon?
    It is nice to hear that Hunter and Jessica are getting great support services -early support and intervention are so important.
    I will look forward to seeing the new fabric from the new quilt shop.
    Be well,

  4. The quilts are really pretty! Sounds like they will get lots of support and help, I am sure Hunter will grow up to be a strong and sweet kid, just look at him- he's adorable!

  5. He most certainly is cute ! Glad they're doing well and a great idea to make some little quilts for the hospital. We shall all expect lots of photos of Hunter -sure that won't be a problem - lol !

  6. How good to hear that Mom and baby Hunter are doing so well. I belong to an online community which makes little blankets like that for NICU purposes.

    Keep the photos coming .... he sure is a little sweetie.

  7. That bright quilt is so cute! I can see little Hunter enjoying that one for a long time. The NICU quilt is cute too. A wonderful memento for baby and mom.

    Hunter is a cutie! Glad they are doing well....and it sounds like Grandma is too!

  8. Now there's a bub that will steal your heart. Great idea with the little quilts Pam.

  9. What a dear sweet little face, Hunter is just adorable!

  10. He's absolutely adorable and look how much he's already changing - sweet face with squeezeable cheeks. ;-)

  11. hey is beautiful very proud granny here.......such a long road to travel but there are special moments to treasure also.....

  12. OH, he is delightful........

  13. I wish I could sleep like this beautiful baby! Lol, my fabric collection can keep me awake at night! I am interested in the Dandelion Girl fabric, too. Do you know which pattern you will use for it?

  14. I know there are several charity groups that give mini quilts to NICU's all over. It's a quick and easy donation and I personally have made many for various groups!

    What beautiful quilts for the baby!

    Hunter is soo beautiful, can't say that enough--I know you are just a gushing proud grandma!!

  15. OMG! He just steals your heart! What a cuty pie! Quilters are the best! There is a demand for little quilts. They are so quick to make and great for practicing your machine quilting skills. Have fun with the little one Grandma! I just love calling you that! lol

  16. He is precious!

    I love those quilts, and love the quilters who donated them!! All brand new babies deserve something home made to get all wrapped up in, and not every one is fortunate enough to have a quilter in the family. So I think it would be super to make a few tiny blankets for the hospital.

  17. Pam,
    little Hunter is so sweet .
    I'm happy to read that Jessica is better and that she has the hospital's support.

    These two little quilts are very nice.
    ciao ciao

  18. Hi Pam, am here via San at Gypsy Quilter, she said I should touch base with you as I am heading up your way soon. I am in Georgia and my husband and I are traveling to the Canadian Rockies (Calgary, Banff, Jasper) for a vacation in a couple of weeks. So how is the weather up there? Love your baby pics, I assume it is your grandchild? Have a great day.