Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am starting to develop a plan

I had a fairly productive weekend once I decided I needed to have a plan to finish up a few things in my UFO pile. It makes one feel good to have a plan!!

I had a big stack of half square triangle left over from a blue/white/yellow pinwheel quilt that I had made a couple of years ago ( it is needing to be layered and quilted) Of course I had enough fabric left to make two more blue/yellow/white quilts -- and a ton of half square triangles. A few months back I started sewing blue and yellow triangles together - having no idea what the final outcome would be.

Yesterday I decided to make a table centre for the table on the deck - nice and summery. The problem with leaving something half finished is when you go back to it you can't really remember what it is you were doing. I discovered as I started sewing it together that I was apparently halfway through squaring up the squares to 3 1/2 inches. So I had to check, measure and square up as I was stitching. But it is together now. I found a nice little piece of blue fabric for a border. It will be quick and easy to spray baste and machine quilt. Nice to have a plan for that pile of block. Now if I can just get the mother quilt done!!

The next thing I decided --- I was going to finish hand quilting the Mariner's Medallion and have it ready to enter in my quilt guild's show in September. There really doesn't have that much left to do on it. The entire centre is quilted - just the top row of stars and the border need to be done. I put it aside because I couldn't decide what design I wanted to quilt in the border. I can't believe it has been sitting for 2 years or so waiting for me to decided what to do about the border.

So I took it out and decided what I would do in the border. I am going to quilt flying geese - like the ones in the middle border all around the outer border. I think that will work well. I was thinking of a big rope design or something but I think the flying geese will be a good look for the quilt. Most of the quilting on it is straight lines and outline quilting. The outer border will end up quite a bit narrower than what it is now. This quilt is a workshop/pattern from M'Liss Rae Hawley that I took in September 2001. I actually have a spot in the house that I want to hang it up - so time to finish it up.

And speaking of geese --- here is a picture of a flock Surf Scoter's ( so says Jim ) that were enjoying the water on the sunny day yesterday -- until some yahoo in a speed boat came by!!

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  1. Such fun to be getting through the UFO's, I'm just loving the blue and yellow quilt - it's so fresh looking. And the mariners compass is sooooo close!
    How is dear little Hunter doing? Dear little man - I bet he's been just wonderful.

  2. Beautiful mariner's compass!

  3. What a great way to use up those yellow and blue triangles. Perfect for a summer table - blue for the sky and yellow for the sun. Now if only spring would come then maybe summer will follow LOL!

    The Mariners Compass medallion is spectacular! I've never tried a Mariners Compass - one of these days I hope!

  4. Your Mariner's Compass is magnificent. What an accomplishment -- it is a pattern that I want to try one of these days.

    Your view is stunning! Sometimes I wonder if those leisure motor boats should be banned!

  5. Plans are wonderful when you implement them. I've made several plans that have gone down the way side. All three beautiful pictures - the blue and yellow quilt is so pretty - I must make a quilt with those colors soon. The Mariner's Compass is stunning. And a beautiful view.

  6. Love the yellow and blue and the Compass is beautiful.

  7. Out of all colour combinations I think blue and yellow is my favourite - this is lovely. And your medallion is fantastic - you must finish it for the show. Quilted flying geese will be ideal.

  8. The blue and yellow will look great out on the deck...when we finely get some sun that will last longer than one day. Love the mariner's compass quilt, it feel good to get something old finished.

  9. Moving right along aren't you. I am beginning to believe that it is easier to finish something than it is to move it a dozen times and then try to remember what we were doing when we were interrupted.

  10. Don't you love it when a plan comes together. Beautiful blue and yellow quilt.

    I love your Mariner's Compass!

  11. Isn't it wonderful to get all reacquainted with your ufo's? I, too, forget where I was going with certain things that have laid idle for too long, but then I just forge a new path and get them done up. If not me, then who? Ha!! Love your blue and yellow quilt top, the medallion is fantastic as well!! Thanks for sharing your view Pam, it's spectacular.

  12. Woohoooo, now there's a plan!

  13. Wonderful Mariner's compass quilt! This really deserves to be finished - flying geese sounds like a good quilt pattern for the border! Your blue and yellow looks great, too! Best of luck with your plan!

  14. A plan is always good. I just updated my plan too and the feeling is great!
    Your little Hunter is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a treasure! Do you read Quilting Chatter? You should stop over and see little Ruthie. She is a darling and Sue has lots of pics and just posted her entire story. It is such a blessing that Hunter's heart is perfect. God is good!! Visit Sue if you get a chance. She has some great quits too!

  15. OOOo I love the layout for your yellow and blue! I think it works very nice!

    And I think the border for your mariner's compass is perfect and simple!

    Doesn't it feel great to put pieces together and know you are almost done?!

    What an incredible picture of those geese!