Thursday, May 01, 2008

I got mail today -- and it is a good thing someone enjoys the sofa!!

I worked Monday and Tuesday and yesterday was just a do nothing day. It felt like I was just spinning my wheels all day. Jim was out of town and I was alone and having some computer issues. I am thinking it is time to think about getting a new computer - any suggestions? I am still using the lap top - Jim is thinking of completely reformatting the Dell downstairs. He doesn't like the Mozilla Firefox that I installed - but I like it and so I am not really using that computer - but then I have no printer with the laptop - and do I want to keep using the laptop or go back to the other computer. Most of my pictures and my Dear Jane and EQ6 programs are on the Dell. I am usually pretty happy with the lap top - but yesterday it was acting up a bit. So I think that is part of what got me out of sorts. All in All Wednesday was pretty much a write off.

But today was a better day as I got a very pretty pin cushion in the mail from Darlene!! I love the fabric. Thank you so much Darlene. It is always nice to get a little something in the mail. And the colours in this little pincushion just perked me right up today.

I love paisley and the photo is the paisley side of the pin cushion, it is a very pretty pink on the other side. Much better day today for me.

Not such a good day for Jim though. Jim got back from Washington this afternoon and he had left his car for the week in a secure parking garage where he works -- you need a special garage door opener to get into the area. His car was broken into last night - nothing in the car to steal -- except the little thing that opens the garage door. Apparently the thief broke something that was "unbreakable" in order to get into the area. There were only two cars in there and Jim ended up with a damaged door and a broken window -- $1000.00 damage. So he wasn't having a good day today. Now the garage door has to be reprogrammed and everyone needs a new little thingy. I would like to point out that I had mentioned that I didn't think it was the greatest idea to leave the car there for a week - but it was supposedly "secure"..........

Jenny got to spend Monday and Tuesday with the dog sitter - who has a golden retriever named Lily, so she had a good time this week while I was at work and Jim was away. Jenny really, really likes Lily. I think Jenny actually prefers dogs over people. When we go on the cruise to Alaska she gets to spend the week with Lily.

Jenny also prefers to be comfortable - you know - there are many places in the house that are much more comfortable than a mat on the floor.

This is where I found her yesterday - enjoying a little afternoon nap on the sofa. I guess it is good that she enjoys the sofa - as we rarely go in the living room and I think since we got it in 2002 we have sat on it every year at Christmas time --- maybe. So it is good someone enjoys it... I guess!!
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  1. Sounds just like me at the moment. My desktop computer started playing up so I started using the laptop more. I like using at as I sit downstairs at the kitchen table looking out at the water and the trees. I have a wireless router which allows me to do that. Then the laptop started playing up and I started to feel a bit panicky, and I tried to fix it, but the problems it was having prevented me going to the right pages to fix it!
    Then I managed suddenly to make some progress, so I went upstairs to apply the same fix to the desktop, but it wouldn't even boot up. So off to the computer man again... Since then the laptop has had a few little hiccoughs, and I had that terrible feeling that I could be trapped at home without a connection to the outside world! I'm an addict for sure. I too have the printer on the desktop not the laptop, and it's easier to do photos on it too.
    I'm glad Jenny has found a comfortable spot - I only have the one couch/living room, and Simon is fully in charge of it. Chloe sleeps up there too, but she seems to like the crate as well. Not forgetting the spare bed between the pillows, and the dog bed with the quilt on it in my bedroom! What a life.

  2. Ahh Jenny is a smart girl. She just wanted a comfy spot for a lil bit of Me" time. LOL We all need that once in a while. :o) And we need baby updates.

  3. Love your pincushion. Darlene is a sweetheart that is for sure!!! Sorry about Jim's car! That is horrible.

  4. So glad something nice happend to you this week - Darlene's pin cushions are so wonderful! I'm really sorry to hear about Jim's car - at least the car wasn't stolen!

  5. The pincushion is really dainty and pretty, enjoying reading your blogs, I'm new to blogging and enjoying it too! Best wishes from an English quilter and countryside lover, Goosey

  6. Yah for happy mail day!!

    LOL, I'm glad the sofa has a good friend :)

  7. Horrible about the car.

    I have decided computers sometimes are more trouble than they are worth but I love mine just the same as I love Blogging.

    Jenny is very cute!

  8. Computer and car problems doesn't sound good. I also use a notebook and it's been acting very slow lately and does weird things. I keep my fingers crossed. I bought it in The Netherlands because I hate using Chinese software.

    Who would think that a little pincushion could bring so much pleasure.

    Nice to see that at least one creature in your house loves the cough ;-)

  9. I mean the couch :-)

  10. Sorry about the car. But something nice happened this week. You receivet a lovely pincushion.
    By the way, your dog has good taste. I love to take a nap on my sofa too :)

  11. Lovely pincushion from Darlene! Isn't she just a sweetheart? As for your laptop, you should be able to print. It's a question of establishing access to your main computer. I noticed that you changed the layout of your blog, sweet! Have yourself a wonderful week!

  12. What a sweet gift from Darlene, it's she such a kind person. Jenny know's the best place to catch a nap, she looks so comfy.

    Good luck with the computer.

  13. Darlene is the nicest person and you must be to since you got such a lovely gift.

    Sad to hear of Jim's trials. What an unpleasant event to come home to.

    Jenny knows a good spot when she sees it. Glad someone is enjoying the sofa.

  14. Pets seem to know the good spots instinctively! :-)

    The pin cushion is beautiful -- I love that fabric!