Saturday, August 16, 2008

My gifts from Anna and some pictures with the new camera

I am just figuring out the ins and outs of the new camera. I have made the picture size smaller - from 10 megapixels down to 6. I am working with all the different settings as well.

This is the lovely gift that Anna ( with no blog) gave me when I went to visit her in Red Deer. She made me such a pretty bead bracelet - that I just love. And when we were shopping she bought the Quilt Diva pattern for me. I saw it last weekend all made up on display in a quilt shop in Washington State - I think it was the quilt shop in Mount Vernon. It is such a fun pattern - great one to use up those scraps as well. And again I must Thank Anna for all the gifts and the great visit we had in July.

This next picture is from the "sunset" setting on the new camera. It really does bring out the colours on that setting - rather than just Auto. The camera has a bunch of pre-set settings -- Aquarium, Fireworks, Beach, - I really don't think you need a Fireworks setting on a camera - how many times do you go out and take pictures of Fireworks. Anyway - I am enjoying the camera and just playing around with each setting.

And the last picture is sweet little Hunter. He is 4 months and 15lbs. Gosh - isn't he cute!! Very serious - I should have had Jim take the picture - he smiles for Jim.

I have yet to spread out my Quilt show purchases and take pictures of all that yet. I better get that done before the Visa bill comes and I have to fess up to how much I spent!
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  1. Hunter is a cutie! And that sunset picture is absolutely lovely. You might try using that fireworks setting for shots of stars, the moon, nighttime traffic, etc. Anything where you would need a longer aperature time. Just a thought.

  2. Hi Pam,
    The quilt diva button is so funky and Ireally am going to make that pattern one day-- It just have to age properly. After all, I only have had it for a couple of years.LOL A funny thing happened though- I had coffee with a good friend yesterday and she had been to Maine- She brought me a fat quarter with the quilt diva girl on it - It is bright lime green with the diva on it- My friend who is not a quilter, said she saw it and had to buy it because it reminded her of me( dog, cat, funky glasses, obsessed with quilting, a bit quirky). I hope you find the patterns fun and that they inspire many new quilts. It was a fun fun time- Your the best Pam!
    Hunter looks too cute in the picture.....

  3. Looks like your having heaps of fun with the new camera. Hunter is sooo gorgeous. Love the quilt from the last post as well, so sweet!!
    Hugs xxx

  4. oooo I love all the pictures!! Looks like your new camera is pretty awsome!!

    My favorite is Hunter of course :)

  5. Oh how I hate that 'fessing-up' part! Great photos!

  6. Hunter you´re CUTE, CUTE,CUTE, CUTE and SWEET!!!!!!
    The Sunset Picture is Great!
    Hugs Pam! Andrea

  7. What a lovely sunset, and an even prettier baby. Looking forward to seeing more treasures.

  8. I loved seeing all the pics of Hunter as I caught up on your blog!
    I was surprised by the pic of you and your look SO young!!

  9. Hunter looks so serious as well as so cute!

  10. Hunter is so precious and adorable, thanks for sharing. Your gifts are great. I thought that I was the only one who wondered about a "fireworks" setting; there's at least two of us!

  11. The sunset is a beautiful amber colour, I love it. Isn't it fun to get surprises in the mail. Hunter is so adorable, what a cute little guy.

  12. Hunter is so cute. He seems older than 4 months.
    The pics that you have done with the new camera are good..........because you are a good photographer! ;-)
    ciao ciao

  13. What a cutie! Maybe you gave him gaz or something! lol Nice goodies! Oh, and cute quilt for Hunter! Lucky guy! Hugs!