Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I got in the mail!!

Before I show any quilt show/fabric shopping pictures I must post about what I found in my mail box yesterday!

This quilt was sent by San - Gypsy Quilter - for little Hunter. I just love the yellow and blue and it is such a lovely quilt! How sweet of San to send it for Hunter. It missed getting here before they left by just a few day - that is Canada Post for you. I had no idea she was sending it for him. I remember seeing it posted on her blog. It has just the softest and prettiest yellow heart flannel on the back.

And it has a label -- something that I always forget to do. San sent the label separate so I could give the quilt a wash and fluff before the label went on the quilt -- that is such a great idea for a baby quilt - after spending time all shut up in a box and shipped across the country.

It really made my day yesterday to open her box. She also sent a bunch of flannel bits and pieces for me to make some more little quilts for the NICU. I will make some more this fall -- after September comes and goes.

I had a great 3 days of quilting related activities this past weekend. I shopped too much, ate too much and hopefully walked just enough to wear off what I ate! The quilt show in Seattle was great - wonderful new venue!!
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  1. HI Pam
    San's quilt is gorgeous for Hunter- It looks so pretty- that Hunter is one lucky boy.

    It sounds like Seattle was lots of fun- will look forward to seeing your new fabric additions.

  2. the quilt is so sweet and pretty Pam!!!!!!
    what about your trip and your fabrics?, I´m very anxious to see your new fabrics!!!!!! kisses for you Pam; Andrea

  3. What a sweet thing to do for your precious little one. I know he'll enjoy snuggling on/with that one! A whole box o' love in the mail!!

  4. Omigosh Pam that is the sweetest gift for Hunter, aren't bloggers the best!
    I look forward to more shopping updates.

  5. This is a gorgeous quilt for Hunter. He will be very confortable with it. San was very sweet and thin in all the details like the one of the separated label. A good tip for baby quilts!

  6. That is such a pretty quilt, and how sweet of San to send it for Hunter.

  7. Aren't quilters the best folks around? How lovely for you and Hunter to have such a sweet quilt made by San.

  8. Hunter should get many years of loving out of this beautiful quilt, lucky Hunter!

  9. Pam,
    The quilt is beautiful and I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine.
    In Ireland