Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Computer is driving me Crazy!!

I haven't been posting much lately as my computer is having some major issues and it is driving me crazy. Every simple task take 3 times as long as it should. We removed the Norton Anti Virus and installed a different program and that seems to have just made it worse. It is so frustrating sitting down to quickly just check some email or a quick look at Google Reader - and it turns into complete frustration and everything grinds to a halt and slowly opens up and then freezes. So I am thinking about getting something done about it before I throw it out the window and into a snow bank!! Yes...... a snow bank!! As the forecast today for rain.. once again turned into 5 cms of snow. I guess you can hear the frustration there too..... think I need a vacation. So that is a good thing because I will be off to Calgary this week for a week of visiting little Hunter, perfect timing.

I have been doing a bit of sewing. A friend is getting married and I promised her many years ago that when she got married I would make her a quilt. She is a lovely girl that started working at UBC just after she graduated 10 years ago. So she is engaged and the wedding is in October. I brought some books and patterns to her and said to go through them as see what sort of pattern and colour she was interesting in.

She gave me this piece of fabric and said she would like to have it included in the quilt.

When I saw the fabric I knew that none of the patterns that I had brought for her to look at were what was needed.

But I had the African fabric and the blocks I had started a year or so ago. I didn't really like the way I had set the blocks and I had put it aside. So I did a bit of changing and took the blocks apart and put it up on my design wall. I like this much better.

I bought some more black fabric yesterday and I am going to make more blocks to make it bigger. The pieces for the sides are not long enough so I will add something to the top and bottom of the side panels and a border etc. But it is a good start and I think I can turn it into a perfect wedding quilt.

I will probably not be on the computer much over the next couple of weeks. I am working the next two days and then off to Calgary for a week. Jim is hoping to get someone to look at the computers while I am away. If they can not be fixed then I will look into getting a new little laptop - maybe a Mac. The desktop is a complete mess and barely functions - it is almost 6 years old now - so it has probably lived a long life in computer years. I will try to check in a bit here and there from Calgary. But I have to get as much "Hunter time" as possible!!


  1. I love the look of that quilt so far!! It's going to be quite unique and stunning.
    I made the jump from a PC to a Mac a year ago and couldn't be happier. It is a fabulous computer!! I had Norton on my old PC and it was a huge problem. Went to AVG and that made a big difference. The trick seems to be to get Norton out and then run a registry clean-up program as apparently Norton really does a number on the Windows registry.

  2. The quilt is going to be gorgeous, and how lucky that you have something started that will co-ordinate so well with your friends chosen fabric. As far as computers go I am a lifelong Mac fan, have both a laptop and iMac and would not go down any other route. I never receive spam in my emails and `i have done nothing special to stop them. Uploading images to blogger and anything else is a piece of cake. But I am sure that you will love whatever you go with.

  3. Pam - if those panels aren't long enough for the sides how about cutting them apart and framing them like you've done for the individual pictures along the top? Love the design and the batiks are perfect. Enjoy your time with little Hunter and take lots of pics.

  4. Pam enjoy your trip to Calgary and your week with Hunter.
    A kiss to you and to Hunter.
    ciao ciao

  5. I'll miss you while you're gone - be sure to have lots of fun with Hunter. And I hope you come home to a wonderfully functioning computer.

  6. Love your progress! That's going to be one sweet looking quilt! Yea, deja vue on that computer problem. That's what I just did, got rid of Norton - I do find my computer a tad slow but don't know if Norton jinxed it! lol Make sure you remove all the files. Do a search - you'd be amazed at what Norton leaves behind! Enjoy your computer free time. You'll probalby get more done! ;o) BTW, send some snow my way will ya! Hugs!

  7. Pam, those colors and fabrics and layout are gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!
    By the way, your description of your computer problem sounds very much like one we are having. It is on the computer for DH's work with local non-profits here in northern CA and he has been fighting it for weeks with no resolution as yet. we have an area related problem? If you come up with a solution, I would sure like to hear about it.
    Have a good trip!

  8. Since you have already have anti-virus software running, I think your problem is probably spyware. I run Adaware (from Lavasoft - watch out for lookalikes) from time to time to get rid of the spyware. Spybot also does it, but I had problems with it once, so I am staying away from it. Both are free downloads.

    Love the African quilt. It is going to be wonderful.

  9. I love the quilt and the African fabric with women. GOrgeous!

  10. Sounds like you are due for a new computer. You are so sweet to make a wedding quilt and your progress is great so far. Have a good trip, don't get stuck in that snow bank...LOL

  11. Hi Pam. I love your blog. I love your quilts. I am sami, A friend of Jess'. we used to live together on 23rd. I am happy to be able to read your blog and see pics of your adorable grandson and your quilts. If you don't mind I am going to put a link to your blog on mine. Do you know if there is anywhere in Vancouver where I could take a beginners quilting course. Take care and Happy New Year!!

  12. HI Pam, it's Sami again! You can email me at instead. Thank you so much!!

  13. The quilt is amazing! Perfect feel for the fabric provided. Well done. I don't know if there's any frustration quite as bad as computer woes, unless it's a sewing machine breakdown!

  14. I think I need to reinstall window on my computer, but that’s a lot of work, so I will put up with it being low for a bit longer, hop you have better luck with you computer.

    Enjoy your time visiting Hunter, that’s more important than a computer any day.