Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back from Calgary with some new pictures of Hunter Jimmy

I have been back home for 2 night shifts and a day shift already! I had to go back to work as soon as I got home and so I am just finally getting to post a few pictures of the little cutie.

He loves to smile and laugh and crawl around. He loves to eat. He is such a little chatty guy - always "talking" He is very busy and happy -- much like his mother!

Isn't that a fabulous smile!!!

Here is a picture of him with the bunny -- much bigger than the bunny now!

I went with Jessica one day to the Children's Hospital for Hunter to get an RSV shot. My sister just recently started working there so she came by for a quick visit and I promised her I would put her picture on my blog - since she has been reading it lately!! (Hi Shane)

Hunter has a little wandering eye and will be going to the eye clinic at the Children's Hospital next week I think. He is also going to the hospital for an overnight sleep study. It seems he has a bit of sleep apnea. Jessica now has a C-pap machine for him to wear at night but it takes quite a bit of time to get a baby used to wearing a face mask blowing air up their little noses. He is slowly getting used to it but he can pull the nose part off faster than it takes to put the head part around! I wonder if they can ever convince him to wear the thing. While I was there the Occupational Therapist came for her monthly visit. She was pretty happy to see his progress. In December when she was there Hunter wasn't sitting up by himself all that well. This month he is sitting very strong and straight and crawling everywhere. He goes from a crawling to a sitting position and back to crawling. He is grabbing things with both hands. Eating very well - that's pretty evident by how chubby he is! It is sure nice to have the OT come by the house. She referred Hunter for some Massage classes for next month and pretty soon he will be starting music therapy. It was a great visit - babies are a LOT of work! I came home very tired and then had to work two night shifts - had a short turn around and worked a day shift. Maybe I should have a little cheese with my wine ( whine).

I am finally going to be able to go to my Quilt Guilt meeting tonight. The first one in months - I have written out a little list of UFO's I want to finish this spring. Jim is off to Portland for meetings the beginning of February so maybe a little mini quilt retreat while I am on my own will get a few things completed. Best laid plans........................
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  1. What an amazingly happy looking baby!! Made me smile just looking at the pictures of him smiling!

  2. YAY BEANZORS! Such a handsome son i have

  3. wow Hunter sure is growing.......he always looks so happy......a smile on a baby is priceless......love the first 2 pics.......how old is he now?

  4. Oh Hunter has grown sooooooo much and hes such a happy boy!! That smile will melt hearts.....u just wanna give him a big hug!!

  5. Look at how big he is now, they grow so fast. Looks like you had a fun but exhausting visit. Enjoy your little mini retreat time all to yourself.

  6. HI Pam,
    Hunter is growing like a weed and oh what a beamer- How fun for you all- It is nice to hear he is getting great services I bet they really enjoy the massage and music therapy programs- Babies are lots of work but oh they are so much fun too.

    I hope you have a great quilt retreat and get some of your UFO's done.
    Glad all went well in Calgary...
    Nice to hear that things are going fine for you all,

  7. Pam,
    Hunter is always more and more beautiful and nice, he seems a very good boy too.
    Very compliments to the mom.
    Did you cuddle and pamper him a bit?
    ciao ciao

  8. Hunter looks so happy so does his mum and great aunt. All that therapy seems to be working to have such a happy contented babe.

  9. I have had fun catching up on your blog. Hunter is gorgeous!Your quilt retreat should be fun! I have one in April for the weekend in Belfast,so I am looking forward to that.

  10. Oh Hunter! Sweet Baby! Great and Lovely Smile! You've grown too much Dear Baby! Kisses and Hugs; Andrea

  11. Wow, is he growing! What a great smile. I bet he can light up a room with his smile. Thanks for the updated pictures.

  12. Oh look there that handsome fella - he's absolutely adorable, Pam. I could squeeze those cheeks like crazy. :-)

  13. I'm positively sure he was extra happy to see his grannie! Hope you can catch up on your rest soon.

  14. Very cute Hunter pictures! And great to see a picture of you Pam together with your sister.