Monday, July 06, 2009

Back from Calgary and a couple of pictures of Hunter

I am back from Calgary. It was a long and tiring drive yesterday. There was so much traffic - lots of trucks and RV's doing well below the speed limit and very difficult to pass most of them. Unlike the U.S. the main Canadian highway that runs from B.C. to Alberta (Highway 1) is just a two lane highway for large parts of the trip. The highway is being widen and parts of it through Banff National Park and Yoho National Park are under construction -- with a speed zone of 70 kms an hour. It seemed I was always stuck behind some large line up of slow moving vehicles. Then once I got close to Vancouver there had been a number of accidents and the drive from Chilliwack onward was at about 10 kms hour - mostly in 1st and 2nd gear!! So the trip ended up taking about 2 hours longer than my usual 11 hours.

It was great to see Hunter. He was very excited to see me and didn't make strange at all -- I think he remembers the hugs and kisses and cuddling that Nana gives him! He was very happy to see me.

We had a great Canada Day at the park with Hunter and a few other friends and their grandchildren.

Here are a few Hunter pictures.

Hunter had a little Canadian flag - it looks like someone just snatched it out of his hand in this picture. He is so cute - and has just the sweetest smile - his whole face lights up when he smiles.

Our little gathering at the park. Isn't that just the cutest face!! It was a very good day at the park - all the little ones were happy and had a great time.

Here are a couple of cute pictures. Hunter is not quite walking yet but he did not like the feel of certain textures - like the grass - on his knees. So he would do this little "elephant walk" on the grass. My parents have a carpet hallway runner that he didn't like to put his knees on as well. He would crawl all around the living room rug and the kitchen floor but as soon as he got to the little carpet runner he would get up on his feet and hands.

There was quite a bit of work done on the house while I was away. The drywall has all been installed - taped, mudded and sanded. The new fireplace has been installed in the living room/dining room. Jim worked very hard yesterday to get the place all clean and free of drywall dust before I got home. The kitchen floor tiles are going in on Thursday -- just as I head down to Sisters Oregon. The cabinets are supposed to go in on July 13th -- just a I get ready to go work a couple of night shifts. I seem to be missing most of the renovation right now. I sure hope that it is all getting done right! It is hard to decide if I would rather be around and make sure things are getting done right or be away and just worry from afar. I don't know which is more stressful. But all in all the whole thing is stressful - so at least I got to spend some time with Hunter as I was stressing out about the kitchen cabinets - the drywall and the floor tiles. The trip to the Sisters quilt show has been planned for a very long time - so I will try not to feel too guilty knowing that Jim will be painting as I wander around a fabulous quilt show. I will bring him back beer!

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  1. Welcome back and it looks like you ahd a wonderful trip!

  2. Welcome back! OMG, how is it possible for Hunter to get cuter and cuter - he's absolutely adorable, Pam. And, getting soooo big! I love his affinity to some textures - cute way to get around those he doesn't like.

    And, now you're going to Sisters? Have lots of fun.

  3. Hunter is the cutest little guy and only gets more adorable every day! Mason isn't walking yet either and does the identical crab-walk wherever he needs to go but doesn't want his knees to touch, so funny! Thanks for sharing, Pam!

  4. HI Pam,
    Hunter looks so sweet- what a beamer he is- Nothing like a baby's beautiful smile..
    You have made great progress on the reno- I am sure it is going to be wonderful when it is all finished.
    Enjoy your trip to Sisters.
    I will be busy working with star fabrics - a new star quilt is on my horizon.
    Be well,

  5. You have just enough time to repack and head off to Sisters, oh darn, lol. Sounds like somebody has held the fort down very well and your time was better spent with Hunter. Summer is the road construction nightmare here in MN, too. Can't go anywhere without dealing with it and the delays. The quilt show will be a fabulous way to wrap up a month of vacation. Safe trip, relax and enjoy. Your house is going to be gorgeous when it's done...I just know it!! :o)

  6. I would perfer to worry from afar, spending time with Hunter and on a quilting time just sound so much more fun to me.

  7. I love these new pictures of Hunter,Pam. He is such a cute, little charmer.