Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am so tired!

I don't know if that is a great title for a post - but boy are we tired - both of us! It has been a very busy week. Good moments and bad moments - frustrations and successes!

A few highlights from the week.

I went to my Quilt Guild meeting on Tuesday and the speaker was Pippa Moore. She lives on Vancouver Island - sells African Fabric and teaches courses. She has recently been to Africa to help set up a program in Uganda to help women earn money and support their children through quilting with the local fabric. It was a great lecture about the women and the process of teaching them how to make items to sell. I bought a set of placemats that were made by a woman that was the third wife of a Muslim man that had died of AIDS and the first and second wives had also died - so the third wife is left to raise all 10 children. I discover Pippa has a blog -- Check it out. She actually has a post about her visit to our quilt meeting on Tuesday. How great is that!!

My African Placemats

If you go to Pippa's blog and go back in the Archives to February 2009 you can read all about the trip to Uganda and the project. Well worth reading about.

I made a couple of small items - while I was stuck in the basement and Jim was away and it was too hot to take the dog in the car. Although I was able to take her for a few nice walks I could not do much else.

This is another little bag from "This and That" designs - Clutter Bag.

I also made a little carry case for my MP3 Player - now in the mess I can not for the life of me find the recharger for the darn player!!

The latest house reno adventure -- the drywall was delivered and the young boys delivering it put all the long 4 x12 foot sheets on a trolley to wheel down our fairly steep driveway in the rain and lost control of the trolley and all the drywall ended up in a heep at the bottom - stopped only from ramming into our garage door by the rented Bobcat.

The adventure continues. I will not be here for the next week. I am off to visit little Hunter - and the rest of the gang --- but mostly Hunter!! It will be Jim's turn to hold down the fort and manage the mess!!
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  1. Oh those home renovations can be sto stressful. I'm glad you're getting away and off to see Little Hunter - he'll ease your stress away. I can't wait to see new pictures.

  2. Ooooh my goodness...well, some gram time with Hunter should be just the thing to brighten up your reno stress filled days. Hope Jenny is going along for the trip, poor girl! The bags are just great ~ you made an island of peaceful, ahem, creative time in the midst of construction. Safe trip!!

  3. I think your very brave to be around while the renovations are happening.....good luck with them! Have fun with Hunter and give him heaps of hugs and kisses!!
    Hugs xxx