Saturday, August 01, 2009

High Desert Museum quilt display

Just a quick post - as we are off to buy paint and will be spending the entire sunny weekend painting. We are lucky though because we have a heat pump attached to our furnance and we can run it in reverse when it is hot and therefore have central air conditioning -- something that is rare up here in rainy Vancouver.

I was able to take some pictures of the quilts on display without my flash because they were fairly well lit - but mostly close up pictures - any pictures from a distance were too dark.

I really liked this Pomegranate quilt -- and the new tile feature for my kitchen has pomegranates on it - one day I will post pictures of that. Look at the beautiful hand quilting on this quilts. How they did that with the poor light that they had was amazing. And how brilliant the fabric still is after all these years. I think this quilt was from the 1800's.

Here is a little write - up about the quilts. Funny thing about the write-ups -- as a Canadian I was only reading the first paragraph - as you can see from my picture - because I alway expect that the second paragraph will be in French. I asked the other women I was with if they were doing the same thing - and they were - too funny!!

This quilt was a beautiful quilt with each block done by a different quilter.

I love the border fabric for this quilt.

I see that Bonnie Hunter went to the museum when she was in Sisters as well and had quite a number of pictures on her blog. I was hoping to run in to Bonnie at Sisters - I know Marge got to see her.

Well -- Jim is ready.......
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  1. The quilts are incredible! Thanks for the pics!

  2. Going to Sisters Oregon is a dream come true and you've proven it with all these great pics! Lucky duck!!!