Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few more finishes

The fireplace is now finished except for the mantel. The ledgestone is up and the slate is on the floor around the fireplace. There is hardwood to be refinished now.

A couple of pictures of the new granite counter tops. The appliances have yet to be installed -- but the nice corner sink is in place and waiting to be plumbed.

Next to tile the backsplash.

And another picture of Jim up on a ladder painting!! Hopefully we both survive this renovation!

Last weekend I was sleeping from a night shift and about 1:30 I heard Jim calling me very loudly - I got up to find him up on a ladder on the front gable of the house but one side of the ladder had come off the house and he was hanging sideways - holding on to the gable and the sideways ladder!! Quickly I had to get a step ladder for him to transfer to or it would have been a very long fall/jump to the ground. He says better he woke me up to help him rather than wake me up to take him to the hospital with broken bones! I agree!


  1. I'm happy to learn that Jim escaped without any injury, that was close!! Everything looks just great, Pam; I know you're eager to have all of this behind you, it's been a lo-o-o-o-ng summer.

  2. Oh Pam! I think you need to fire that painter before he really does get hurt...guys, lol!! The house is looking wonderful, love the granite counters.

  3. Oh Pam! it's a great news that Jim is ok now! your home´s renovation is wonderful! we send you kisses and hugs! Andrea & Family

  4. The reno is looking fantastic Pam- I love your new kitchen and the openness that you have created by moving the fireplace.
    Glad to hear that Jim was alright- how scary to be hanging without the ladder. Good that you were there to help him out...
    Hope he has no more painting adventures.
    Be well and don't work too hard,

  5. Your house is looking lovely! I like everything you guys did.

    Tell that painter to be careful!

  6. Hi Pam, you and Jim have been very busy this summer but you will be rewarded for all your hard work; your house is going to look great! I am jealous of your new kitchen ;-)
    Please tell Jim to stay safe.

  7. Your kitchen is looking fabulous -- you're getting close!! Jim's painting exploits would have me nervous as can be!

  8. I haven't been over for awile, to see all the renovations coming together made me thrilled , so I guess you both must be very pleased over the result.

  9. LOL LOL LOL LOL !!! OH jimmy!