Sunday, September 06, 2009

Jerusalem Pottery

Today is the first day I have used the new blogspot edit program - It is a bit different and I seem to be having a bit of trouble with it -- so bear with me.

When Jim and I were deciding what we wanted in the kitchen Jim announced that he really wanted some cobalt blue tiles - and I wanted a nice little feature tile on the wall behind the new cook top.  Jim went off to do some tile shopping one day while I was working and he couldn't find anything that he liked -- cobalt blue. Apparently cobalt blue colour comes from lead base glaze which is not allowed any longer.

So we did a little looking around the internet and found a site called Jerusalem Pottery  
The store is actually in Jerusalem.  So I sent them an email - just to see if it still existed.  I got a very prompt reply and I ordered some tiles - that were quickly shipped and arrived all in good order -- all the way from Israel.    And it wasn't all that expensive.  Cheaper than some of the brown tile mosaics that we saw.

This is the piece that will go on the wall behind the cook top.  It is 18 inches square.  Don't you love it!!

We ordered a few other tiles to go around the kitchen.  A few to go on the wall under the glass cabinets and then 2 fish tiles -- because Jim NEEDED fish tiles. 

The kitchen is getting close to the time to get the tiles installed.  I sure hope they look as lovely on the wall as they do in my quilting room. 


  1. I love the tiles Pam- It would be a gorgeous wall hanging (even if you took a a section of it and turned it into an applique pattern. Somehow the designs remind of William Morris fabrics..
    I look forward to seeing the rest of the tiles- you are getting close to being finished.
    I am back to school and life is returning to the busy hecticness of fall.
    The classroom is particularly busy as there are 26 students and one teaching assistant.
    One little one told me that her daddy rode a cow and it buckded him off...
    Enjoy your new kitchen and reno's -

  2. As the last post says the tiles are like William Morris patterns. I think they are taken from mediavial drawings. Anyway they are terrific and I am so happy for you.

  3. Absolutely these tiles are going to look good!! They are gorgeous and a fun story to us the fishes soon! Glad to read such about such fun. :o)

  4. Those tiles are gorgeous!! Amazing story of how you found them.

  5. They are really pretty - they will provide a great accent to your kitchen.

  6. Oh my goodness Pam, the tiles are gorgeous! I would love to see them in my kitchen too. Be sure to share pictures when the tiling is done.

  7. I saved the site and will order from them. I love the tiles!

  8. Your renovations are coming along so well. Love those tiles, they are beautiful!!
    Hugs xx