Wednesday, September 02, 2009

We cooked pasta last night

The new gas cooktop and oven were installed yesterday.

The sink is working - new taps - running water. The dishwasher works -- Jim is pretty happy about that one!

The kitchen was ready for use! It was fabulous to cook at a stove.

We are getting close. Unfortunately we had a little setback this week. The hardwood floors were to be refinished this week. We moved completely out of the house. Jenny went to spend the week with Lillie and the hardwood floor guy started Monday morning. He said he would be finished Thursday. He rarely showed up to work - he did a terrible job sanding and was not finished Thursday - didn't even show up on Friday (both his cell phone battery and truck battery were dead!! RIGHT!) and we fired him Saturday morning. So.... the floors are not done and we will have to go through this process again. The kitchen almost finished - although the tiles for the wall still need to be installed and the stove vent still needs to be replaced - as the guy who installed it bent it with a screwdriver. And we are leaving the blue wrapping on the fridge until the floors are finished.

I got the African wedding quilt back from the quilter last week and it looks fabulous. I just need to get some more black fabric for the binding. I am having trouble accessing my cutting table right now!
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  1. Very exciting stuff being able to cook in your new kitchen! Sorry about the floor situation, hope this is all resolved very soon. Will look forward to seeing the wedding quilt, I bet it is fabulous!

  2. The kitchen is stunning Pam- so sorry to hear about the set back with the floors. I love the rich cabinets and the granite. Hope it is not too long before the floors can be finished.
    I will look forward to seeing your African quilt.
    Warmest regards,

  3. oh it is getting there and looking good..........shame about the floor man but best to get rid of him and find someone else.........

  4. oh it is getting there and looking good..........shame about the floor man but best to get rid of him and find someone else.........

  5. Lovely! The kitchen is coming together so nicely!

  6. Your kitchen is gorgeous and what a pleasure it must be to cook in. When we had our chimney rebuilt this year, it took 3 call backs before the top part was finished right. My DH went up on the roof and took photos and emailed them to the company. Very frustrating when handymen can't do the job when they claim to be professionals. I think Mike Holmes has taught us well to know what is right and insist on getting what we pay for. Sad that you have to start the process again, but you will be happier with the end results.

  7. Fabulous photos, it is all plain sailing from here , I am as excited as you about your renovations.

  8. What a beautiful kitchen. Funny that you got gas. I replaced mine with electric. I love, love your kitchen!
    Your dog, by the way, looks like my Rufus.

  9. That kitchen is beautiful. Not only does it look pretty, but everything seems to be laid out so conveniently for working on meals.