Friday, October 02, 2009

I had a dream

It has obviously been a long time since I got to enjoy my hobby of quilting. Although not as long as it has been for Jim to enjoy his hobby - he hasn't made beer in 9 months - so he tells me.  And I have had a few quilting getaways - a trip to Sisters Oregon and an occasional Friday Stitch group.  I meet with a group of "Gathered Threads" on various Fridays throughout the month.

I have been working quite a few night shifts in the past month.  This week I worked Monday and Tuesday night and then on Wednesday the contractor was at the house all day installing the baseboards - so I didn't really get a good sleep.  I sort of napped on the sofa downstairs and noise and banging made their way to my ears as I dozed.  And for some reason Jenny decided she needed to be up on the sofa as I slept as well!!

And I had a dream.  I invited all of my Friday stitch group over to my house for a stitch day.  They were looking for some fabric to finish the back of a quilt.  I offered that they could chose some fabric for their quilt from my stash.... and they took ALL of my fabric away with them!!  I was so upset - calling to Jim to go after them.... they didn't even leave me a tiny scrap!!  What do you think that means!!  I think it is the stress of this topsy turvey house!!  We are certainly getting close but the tiler -- who was supposed to come yesterday is now not coming until Monday.... as we drag into another month.

I thought a cute little Hunter picture would cheer us up.  Poor little Hunter spent time this week at the Alberta Children's Hospital.  He had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  He had a sleep study done a number of months ago and the recommendation was to have the surgery and they got him in pretty quick.  Jessica spent the night with him at the hospital.  He is home now and typical baby -- much better.

Isn't he cute!!

There is a new blog in town!  A member of my Friday stitch group has started a blog and I think it will be a fun blog to follow.  It is called Poppyprint.   Krista is a very talented quilter and photographer.  Krista is the organizer of the "Quilting by the Bay"  ( aka QBTB) that we quilters are lucky enough to attend.  It is a day of quilting from 9 AM until 10 PM... all the food and snacks are provided and brought out to us just about the time we think we should be eating again --LOL  It is a fun filled day of prizes and visiting and a nice glass of wine.

At the last QBTB that I attended Jim BBQ'd up a nice Spring salmon for all the quilters for supper and I got a pair of hand knitted socked - made by Krista's mother.  I was just thrilled.  I love hand knitted socks.  Jessica is starting to knit - so I am hoping she can knit me socks.  She wants me to sew her a nice big knitting bag -- maybe for some socks.....

And at my guild meeting a couple of months ago.... June I think.  Was it really that long ago??
There is a woman - Pippa Moore - Kimambaa Designs  that has organized a group of women in Africa to make a few different crafts and then the crafts are being shipped to Canada and sold through Pippa with all the money directly going back to the women.  I can't remember if I blogged about this before - but I am on a bit of a roll here so if I did mention this before.... here it is again. 

This is my quilty content for today.  I bought these four placemats.  And we have moved the dining room table back into the dining room so maybe they will get put out soon.

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  1. I think your lack of quilting is playing on your mind and that is why you had that nightmare - lol ! Hunter is growing quickly - those chubby arms are adorable. Hopefully life will settle down soon Pam xxx

  2. Hi Pam,
    It has been quite a renovation process for you both but you are almost there now. I am sure that it is going to be absolutely beautiful when you are done.
    I love your African wedding quilt. I think that you will probably off to the wedding today. I am sure they are going to love your terrific quilt- I love all the bright colors.
    Hunter looks sweet in the photos. He sure is cute and I bet getting to be a busy boy.
    Your placemats are terrific- The African fabrics are so amazing- like batiks but different- I know the native African fabrics are quite different in texture than our North American fabrics- love their rich colors!
    I am off to put away laundry, finish tidying the kitchen and get some other things done around here today.

  3. Very cute picture of Hunter, he is such a sweetie! Do you have any chance of visiting him again soon?
    What a nightmare you had Pam; lucky for you it wasn't real. Great socks, I'm also still trying to get a bit more skillful in knitting socks.

  4. Your socks and placemats are just wonderful, but that cutie-pie Hunter is just the BEST! Glad he's feeling better now~

  5. I l ove the socks and Hunter is darling. Your African quilt is spectacular!

  6. What a dream but wouldn't it have been even better if they returned with finished quilts! What an adorable little guy!

  7. Hunter is such a cutie!!! I read about your dream - what a dastardly group of friends you have! LOL. We were probably storing your fabric for you to save it from the contractors! Hugs, Dianne

  8. Hunter is adorable!! What a dream to have -- sounds more like a nightmare!

  9. Wow Pam, thanks for including me in your great catchy-up post! I'll send mom the link so she can see that her sox have made it to the big time blog world..she'll be thrilled. And just for the record, I would NEVER come to your house and STEAL fabric under cover of darkness...not sayin' anything about broad daylight, tho. That was a funny dream!!