Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some of this and some of that....

I have been busy --- with a little of this and that and not much of anything!!

I made myself a lunch bag to take my lunch to work with me. It is a pattern from the Moda Bakeshop blog. I made the bag much bigger than the pattern called for. It is the small bag for a charm pack. Makes up in to a great little lunch bag. Everyone at work wants one now!! Yah........... That will be my next project ---LOL. Although I did promise that I would make a Christmas stocking for the Craft fair in November.

I was at the Vancouver quilt guild's Quilt show last weekend. It was a very nice little show. There are a few pictures of the show floating around blogland. I ran into Wendy -- from Snippets of a Quilter at the show. It was so great to see her. I haven't seen her in person since last year.  Wendy has some great photo's of the show on her blog.  I went to the show with my Friday stitch group -- Gathered Threads... Krista has some great pictures of the show on her blog as well... at Poppyprint.    Krista's latest post is about her fabulous Halloween cookies.... worth the read!

I bought a bit of fabric from my favourite African fabric shop -- Kitambaa. This is African Indigo fabric!! I bought two bundles --- as they were different. Who knows what I will do with it. Love the buttons!!

Here is a nice picture of the new kitchen/dining area now that the furniture is back. Very modern....I am loving the new kitchen. It is so much nicer to work in --  bigger, it seems so much brighter as well even though the window is not much bigger than the old window it seems so much bigger. Maybe it is the fact that the area is not so closed in and we get light from the rest of the house as well.

The stone masons have been busy this past week. They are a group of men from El Salvador. They have been doing a great job but it is slow work because they can't work in the rain and we have entered our "rainy season" so they work only a day or two here and there. They were here again today and I will put up some pictures of the front of the house when I can take some pictures in the day light.

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  1. Your kitchen looks absolutely fabulous! So open and airy and bright!
    The indigo fabrics are gorgeous.

  2. All has turned out so well. I could sit at the dining table and look at that view forever. All good vibes coming from the photos, seriously! The space looks very welcoming and comfortable as well as beautiful. Happy for you that you took that plunge and did the remodel, even happier for you that this project is coming to a close. Just fabulous!!

  3. I should also tell you how lucky you were to visit with Wendy for a bit while taking in the show. The blue fabric is vibrant and will be a joy to create "something" from it...buttons are super! Sounds like the lunch bag had your co-workers drooling during lunch! He hee.

  4. Your kitchen and dining area look so great. I can see why you are happy with it. Nice tablerunner too and lovely blue fabrics and buttons. I hope the stone masons will be finished soon.

  5. Lovely fabric Pam, I love the buttons too!
    The dining area is glorious - it really is beautiful.
    Your reno has turned out fabulously well- I can see why you are so pleased. Hope the stone masons can soon finish.
    Tomorrow we are working in the basement and getting rid some of the junk that has accumulated over the years. It should be an interesting trip down memory lane.
    Hope you are not working too hard.
    Enjoy your time in Alberta next month.

  6. Nice Kitchen Pam! Can hardly wait to stitch at that table which goes beautifully with the room.

  7. Your kitchen looks awesome and I am sure that you will enjoy many wonderful times there!

  8. Your kitchen is gorgeous and what a beautiful view you have .... I didn't realize how close to the water you are.

  9. The renovations have come up beautifully and that view Wow! Wow! Wow!