Monday, January 11, 2010

A knitting bag

I made this bag as a gift for Jessica this Christmas. It is a knitting bag. Jessica has become quite the knitter now.

It has a Laurel Burch cat button on the flap. It is a great size for knitting project.

It matches the knitting roll that I made her last spring.

This is the blanket that Jessica gave us for Christmas. It is so thick and soft and warm!

Perfect for watching TV in the evening when it is a little cooler. Jim is cuddled up under it in this picture but that is not usually who is cuddled up under the blanket!! It is just the cosiest and warmest blanket. The nice thing about this blanket is that it is just wide enough to cover you up completely on the couch - and it is extra long to scrunch up under your chin and tuck it under your toes! It is a fabulous blanket. Jim and I have a deal with the blanket. I get it at night while watching TV and he gets it in the morning while he sits on the deck and has his morning coffee. Thanks Jess!!!

Jessica had not quite completed the blanket when they came for Christmas. So I actually helped out - holding little Phoenix and playing with Hunter as she frantically knitted on the "sweater" for Dave. She insisted she would have the "sweater" completed by Christmas morning. She was knitting it in panels - so the piece she was working on was a grey/black/grey panel. I was convinced that there was no way she could get it finished as she hadn't even begun to knit the sleeve and how was the darn thing going to go together anyway!! As it was she had it in the box for us Christmas morning. I can imagine I will be clutching my blanket as they drag me off to the nursing home when I am old and grey --- oh wait - that's now---LOL.
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  1. Cute "sweater" story, and I love the knitting bag! I might just have to make one of those for myself, so I can stop carrying my socks/knitting around in an old grocery plastic bag...

  2. What a great knitting bag! I love the story about the blanket. It looks wonderfully cozy and warm!

  3. Jim looks very comfortable. and a lovely bright knitting bag, I do like your work

  4. Such a sweet story - my gosh but she had you convinced, lol. The blanket is gorgeous! That is a lot of knitting, isn't it? And she made it so it has a quilt block look, too. We are so lucky to have daughters who happen to be talented knitters! Please tell her I know what a special gift this is. I can imagine the snuggliness of it. So good of you and Jim to share - I would want to snuggle beneath that while enjoying my morning cup and the view. Smart man. :-) The knitting roll and bag are very nice and such a great idea for Jessica. Laurel Burch has such pretty fabrics and accessories, but this is a special gift made for her by her mom. Very nice all around ~ and you got to "help" with the holding of the babies, lol, tough job that must have been...although Hunter is a busy busy little man isn't he?! The babies are growing up. :o)

  5. What a great blanket. Much better than one of those darn snuggies you see advertised. I don't care if they have sleeves or not. LOL! BTW, love the new look of your blog! :o)

  6. Lovely gifts by both of you- I love that Laurel Burch fabric in Jess's bag- I am sure that Jess loves both the bag and the knitting needle case,
    Good blankets are hard to find sometime- Jess created a beauty for you and Jim to share- it looks very toasty to curl up under...
    Love the wall paper on your blog Pam- it reminds me of William Morris designs.

  7. Love the blanket Pam, and the knitting bag looks good. How is Jenny enjoying the snow?

  8. The blanket is so pretty, and what a lovely bag you made her. She sounds like she really likes knitting.