Monday, January 25, 2010

Name banner for Phoenix

Instead of blogging about this - I should be finishing the banner so I can get it off in the mail.

But here I am - because I just had to post another picture of Phoenix - look at how big she is getting!!

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I got this picture from Jessica yesterday - off of her Facebook page.  It is amazing  how she has changed since Christmas - and that was only a month ago.  Jessica posted a little video as well that was so cute.  She was trying to post some pictures of Hunter and Facebook was being difficult.  So more of Hunter another time -- he is his usual "too cute for words" 

Back to the banner!!


  1. Hey...a banner day, lol, you got this sweet name banner done up real cute! Phoenix has grown a lot and looks all comfy in that cute outfit she has on. :-D

  2. She is growing like a weed. Ohh, I know you want to go and pack your bags and see them both again very soon.

  3. Beautiful name and a beautiful banner. She is adorable.

  4. What a bright and cheery banner for a grinning Phoenix- it is so fun Pam.
    It is amazing how quickly they change and how aware they become of their surroundings. Phoenix look like such a happy baby. Does she remind you of Jessica?
    May edit work was "quick"... Funny eh!
    Happy quilting, Pam,

  5. Beautiful baby and banner! How cute she is!

  6. Ohhh I'm so excited to put up her name banner!

  7. I totally agree...she is way too cute for words. Love the banner!

  8. Oh Pam! How nice she is! Adorable Baby! Kisses and Hugs To You Dear Frien! Andrea

  9. Phoenix's banner is so cool, Pam! That will last her well into her teens, for sure - great idea.