Monday, March 08, 2010

A bit of quilting

I have been doing a bit of quilting during the past few weeks while watching the Olympics on TV.  Unfortunately I have put my Dear Jane to the side for the last little while -- I really MUST get back to it!!

I have been working on a wool BOM from my LQS --Creative Edge in North Vancouver.  The blocks are from this book.

The wool fabric of the BOM and it is hand dyed from a local person right here in my area  -- Wool Penny Rugs     I have been collecting wool and patterns for a while now and I am finally working on one and quite enjoying the ease of the wool applique.  Ah - well -- what is one more project on the go!

Block One

Block Two  -- there are 16 blocks altogether.

The blocks are sitting on the lovely silk pillows that Anri brought me back from Thailand!

The other project that I have up on my design wall right now is the Fairy quilt for little Phoenix.  I was thinking of putting it together sort of like this - with the blocks around the centre piece on just the three sides.  There are some small flower squares as well that I want to put around as well. 

I bought some more fabric in Portland to go with this quilt and then some of the prettiest fairy fabric for the backing.  I am planning on making a bigger sized quilt -- more bed sized than crib sized - which will be good since she will probably be out of the crib by the time she gets it!!  But Jessica has a some beautiful baby quilts that she is using now so I think this one can wait until she is a bit older.  Although I had better get working on it - knowing me it could end up being a graduation present!

We just finished watching about 1/3 of the movie "Get Smart"  Boy was that a terrible and stupid movie - and it didn't resemble the original TV show in any way what so ever.  I really loved that old TV series with Don Addams.  Well - at least we didn't waste too much time watching it - and it was on the PVR - I just pressed "delete".......

I have had quite the bad cold the past week - but I am starting to feel better finally this weekend... those Olympics just wore me out!!  Finally got back to the gym today after a week of coughing too hard to ride an exercise bike.  Hopefully I don't pay for it tonight....


  1. Love the applique Pam, just beautiful. I've never tried wool applique before, I'll have to add it to the list.
    I felt exactly the same as you re the Get Smart movie. I started to watch it on a flight and couldn't stand it, so moved on to something else. Just couldn't get into it, or find it funny either.
    Also, I have a confession - I haven't mailed your package yet. I'm such a slacker!

  2. Sorry about your cold - those applique blocks are wonderful! I have yet to get into wool applique, hopefully some day.

  3. The flower blocks are lovely, and I know what you mean about the quilt being ready for graduation - I still haven't finished the Christmas present quilt for my niece. I had better get onto it or it will be cold and she won't have it.