Sunday, March 21, 2010

A couple of pictures of the Prawn boat

I was able to take a couple of pictures of the "Prawn Boat".

As you can see it is a very sophisticated system!!

At least I didn't go overboard!!! Oh yes -- there is a story to that. I came home to his last helper walking around the house in my white fluffy dressing gown -- he went overboard!! Jim ended up rowing the boat - with a foot of water - back to shore with the helper hanging on to the stern --- LOL. Always an adventure :)))
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  1. Always an adventure indeed! Those prawns must be darn tasty to go to those extremes, chancing life and limb. Hope you've recovered by now. At least Jim does some amazing cooking to make it worth your while. Nice to hear that the workouts are paying off in Prawns. Hee!

  2. Good for you - what a trooper! I am glad your husband does the prawn cleaning - ack! sure wouldn't be me! I bet they taste fabulous when they are so fresh.

  3. Hey Pam, time to come ashore from the prawn boat and catch us up on your quilting activities. Hee hee! :-D