Monday, May 10, 2010

Day Two in the Big Apple

Today was the day to head "Uptown".  First thing though we went off to Joe -The Art of Coffee   - definitely worth the stop.

Then we headed to the Subway to get our Metro Card and the subway map -- next stop - north bound to Time Square..... I studied the map on route -- Jim announced -- just as the subway was leaving a station -- "This stop is 42nd Street and Time Square....... so... we waited for the next stop!

We got off at 50th Str. - so this is the first photo of Uptown.. we then got back on the subway - south bound to Time Square.

Getting out at Time Square station -- we came out from underground and had no idea where Time Square actually was!  What we were looking for was the Ticket booth - that sold the same day Broadway show tickets....

What we found was Bryant Park...... which was lovely...

We wandered around Bryant park -- me following behind.  As you can see up on the right there was a living art display taking place - it was called "Walk the Walk"

Bryant Park is a very pretty little park - very close to Time Square!  And well known to all of us who watch "Project Runway"

We did eventually find Time Square - and the Ticket booth.  As you can see from the pictures Time Square was teaming with people on a beautiful sunny day.  Heaven knows how we missed it!

Next we headed out to find Rockefeller Center -- that seemed almost as difficult!  We did manage to first find Radio City Music Hall.

Finally after more wandering we found what we were looking for -  Rockefeller Center.

Look up......Way up..... and I'll call Rusty!!  I think only Canadians will know what that means -LOL

We decide to take a tour to the "Top of the Rock"  Fabulous! Fantastic!  Amazing!!

Don't we just look like a couple of tourists!! 

I took 172 pictures today - we walked from 11 AM until 5 PM - not quite as far as yesterday.  We had another wonderful dinner in Greenwich Village and now for some big news.....
We got tickets to go see David Letterman on Wednesday!!!  Totally Cool!!!

We have decided we are going to be staying - maybe we will head back to Vancouver for Christmas..........

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  1. Your pictures are fantastic!! I love the second-last shot -- the green surrounded by concrete is quite striking!

  2. Lovely post I have been to some of the places you have visited, when you spy a building I was "I know that " television and movies bring the world into our homes and when we visit , it is like wow. Great photography.

  3. From the big smile I would say you are enjoying the Big Apple. Glad you are having such a great time.

  4. Letterman! lucky kids! I am totally enjoying the walk along tour of NYC. What a great adventure! I think you and Jim are looking just great and love the shot of you from up top of The Rock. Which Broadway show will you see? Who is Rusty?

  5. Thanks for the pictures Pam, and yes we love Project Runway. Wishing you and Jim lots of energy!