Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York just keeps on getting better

We have been quite busy the past couple of days.  We wandered around Soho and the Lower East Side yesterday.  Lots of walking again.

In Soho I was able to go into The Purl Wool and Quilt shop.  They have a new shop which has both the wool and fabric - instead of the two separate shops.  Cute little shop - and I did buy myself a lovely little bundle of fabric.  I was coveting the Liberty fabrics the shop has there -- but a small stack of Liberty Fat Quarters was $95.00!!  A little too much for me!

I did take a couple of pictures of the new shop - a long and narrow space - full of colour!

We also wandered into the Lower East side and we had a Pastrami Sandwich at Katz's deli.. Now that was an experience!!  This is the deli that was in the movie - "When Harry Met Sally"  It was frantic and crowded and the sandwich was fabulous - a bit pricey - but the people watching was worth the price of the sandwich and the pickles were to die for!

After a busy day walking for another 6 hours - which seems to be our daily average - we came back to the apartment - had a little rest - I snoozed and snored - until 5 PM.  We then hopped on the Subway for a quick trip to Times Square and got Theatre tickets for the Broadway play "Race"  with James Spader - who I love!!  The play was great - James Spader was fabulous and we had wonderful seats - and we just missed the "package left in Times Square" incident by a few minutes.

This morning we headed out early to spend the morning at the American Museum of Natural History. 

It is HUGE -  5 Floors!!  We saw as much as we could - I think you have to be selective there because you could never see it all in one visit -- hmmmm - I guess we will have to come back to New York!

Then -- It was off to see the David Letterman Show -- How fun was that!!

The guests were Micheal Keaton and Jenna Fischer from "The Office"  Micheal Keaton was a real hoot!! What a once in a life time experience - I was so surprised that we got tickets.  Another great day - I think we are starting to get tired though.................................

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  1. Your post takes me back to our American years when we were living in Philadelphia and NY was only two hours away and we were still young and full of energy. It looks like you and Jim are having a great time out there. That quilt/wool shop looks wonderful.

  2. I'm betting that you guys are tired, but it's a very very happy tired! I fell asleep during Letterman, lol. Remember to take your "Circle Me Bert" signs to the game. The 17th is my day. Yours?

  3. Pam!!!!!!!!! Marvellous Pictures and Wonderful Place! Have a very Good Time Dear Friend! Hugs and Kisses, Andrea

  4. Hi Pam! I just got back from NYC ... we went to Katz's and enjoyed it, but our hosts were disappointed. They said Carnegie's is better - it's near Times Square. If you get there I would love to hear what you think of it..


  5. Love the Natural Museum! What a fun place! It's even more fun now that I know they come alive at night! ;o) Enjoy your stay!

  6. Good to see the photo of Purl, Pam. Glad you got to see it in real life, and that you're having such a wonderful holiday. NY looks like a great place.

  7. Your trip looks wonderful, love all the pictures you took. The quilt shops look great and the street shots make me want to visit NY. You must be busy with the show, I'm coming on Friday to see everything.

  8. Pam, you didn't tell us you went to Letterman at stitch last Friday!! How cool!! I want to hear about it in detail. Love all of your pix. I, too remember walking miles in NY and having 2 showers a day because it was a June heat wave when we were there 15 years ago. Time to return!