Saturday, July 31, 2010

A new camera

Before I left on my trip to Calgary and Cranbrook this summer Jim decided he needed a new camera. Jim always enjoyed taking pictures and slides with his Nikon camera when film was still used. Once the change to digital occurred we bought a little point and shoot digital camera and just took touristy pictures when we traveled. Recently I was told that most of the old Nikon lenses that he had in his camera bag would still fit on the new digital Nikon cameras. So after much research - in true "Jim Style" he decided to buy a new Nikon D90. And I got to take it on holiday and play around with it.

It has a ton of cool features that I discovered while playing around with it taking pictures of the babies in Calgary.  I took lots of pictures and deleted lots of pictures!

Once I got to Cranbrook I did not take as many pictures but I did manage to take a few around the old family property.

Cranbrook has quite the deer problem and these are a couple of pictures of the deer right in my parents back yard.  There is a You tube video floating around out there of a deer in Cranbrook that had just given birth  and then attacked a dog that the doe thought was getting a little too close for comfort.  There are just hundreds of deer wandering the streets of Cranbrook -- every year I go there it seems there are more and more deer around.

This is a picture of the old barn out the back.  It was lovely and green this year and not too hot - which was nice.  Some summers I go there it is well in the 30's and just too darn  hot for me. 

Not super technical pictures but I am certainly enjoying the new camera.  Maybe now I will blog a bit more!!!

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  1. love the new camera..........

  2. What lovely photos. Glad your getting cool temps.

  3. We bought the same camera in May... we love it!!

  4. Had no idea about the camera equipment being compatible. Will have to check that out. I like the old buildings - the deer - once you hit one you lose your illusion of them all being Bambi. The grandbabies are so grown, omg, and so very CUTE!! Glad you had an enjoyable trip to visit family - a nice break from work for you.

  5. Love the photo of the old barn- reminds me of some of the buildings that were around my grandparents farm. Those are quite the show of deer-
    Enjoy your new camera...

  6. I bought the same camera one year ago! You will love the new camera!