Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What have we been doing this week!

First of all I just finished working a couple of night shifts!!  This past couple of week has been very busy.  My sister and her husband came for a short visit - driving through on their motorcycles.  That was fun!

I have been quilting a bit here and there.  I am working on the table runner that will go perfect with the new "decor"  which we call -- Whistler West Coast Contemporary - or WWCC for short!

The fabric is Moda - Misty Mountain or Misty Evening or something like that - the table runner was a kit for our LQS --  The Cloth Shop

See how well it goes with the slate stones on around the fireplace.

It was hard to get a picture with both the table runner and the fireplace in view to get a real feel of the new table runner.  I am very happy with it.  As you can tell it is not finished - but I did buy some backing fabric for it on my travels this summer so I hope to finish it soon.

I have also been puttering away on my Fat Quarter Club BOM Civil War Quilt.  I am sewing it together on my Featherweight - so that is sitting on my sewing table and I work on it every so often.

Jim has been busy as well.  He is working on the painting and re-finishing the back of the house.  We need to repaint all the white trim brown and he has been busy sanding and re-finishing the soffits and fascia board and posts at the back of the house.

The Soffits were all...... hmmm the word ... crappy looking???  anyway they have all been sanded and refinished now!!  Jim has been working hard.  The goal is to get rid of ALL the WHITE!!

White posts ---- soon become brown posts...... actually I think they may eventually become cedar posts!

They now look a bit like they have been carved out of chocolate..... but better than white!

We have also had a couple of "events" here this week.   First of all - the day my sister was here my Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer that we bought in December 2008 blew out all it's bearing with a lot of noise and excitement!!  Apparently it is not under warranty and the cost to fix it is the cost of a new washer..... buyer beware - Whirlpool was not very helpful and we are now getting a new LG washer delivered on Saturday.  Unfortunately -- Jessica and the babies are coming for a week on Friday - so going without a washer is not an option!!  What timing!!

And today Jim blew out another tire on his car - so apparently he needs a new set of tires....... so needless to say Jim is a bit cranky tonight.  I --- am happy to have finished my night shifts and have my little grandbabies come for a Life is okay.... and tomorrow I will go for a lovely walk with Jenny and life will be a bit better..................

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  1. Your table runner is gorgeous -- perfect colours for your dining room table!

  2. OOO LOVE what you are doing on the outside of the house...gorgeous! Beautiful work on the inside as well...I love the warmth feeling of your table runner!

  3. I love your table runner. It goes perfectly with the fireplace. Great choice! I have the Civil War blocks and you've progressed farther than I have. Mine are all still in the packages and one of them is really thick. One day I'll have to start them.

  4. That table runner is a PERFECT match to the fireplace! I love the look of the chocolate trim on the house!

  5. Love the chocolate posts, lol, they really do look like chocolate! How can life be bad with all that chocolate? Ha. The table runner is perfect. Will see you back here after the kiddies are headed for home again. Enjoy the visit. :-D

  6. Wonderful colors in your table runner. Oh and when Jim runs out of projects, he'll certainly be welcome here! LOL House is looking really good, but boy I know you'll both be glad when it's all done.

  7. The table runner is perfect- you sure have been busy these days. The back of house will soon look as beautiful as the rest of your renovations.
    Have fun with the grandbabies. We are off to Jasper for a few days next week. It should be lovely at this time of year. We are staying in some chalets called Beckers- in the old traditional ones.
    Its too bad about the washer- hope the new one is problem free.
    Warmest regards,

  8. The table runner is fab Pam and works really well in your new dinning area. Love the look of the posts etc at the back of the house, how lucky are you to have such a handy man?!! Enjoy your new LG!!

  9. I love your table runner...Looks like you all were busy this weekend!

  10. I love this tablerunner, perfect against the fireplace, compliments it beautifully!
    Hugs xxx

  11. The table runner is a winner just the right combination of colours and I love the chocolate posts. Enjoy the babies a hugging good time I think you will have.

  12. Doing some catching up! You've been a busy girl! Your Civil War Tribute BOM is coming along nicely! Love the table topper! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!