Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrate the Sockeye

This is a year to celebrate the sockeye - so my Salmon Biologist husband tells me! He has been out on a couple of fishing boats this summer and with a 34 million return this year we are all celebrating the sockeye here on the west coast of B.C. and maybe all over Canada.

I have a few pictures he took this summer.

This picture was taken just a couple of weekends ago at the mouth of the Fraser River - in the picture you can see all the little splashes of water - those are jumping sockeye - just a few of the 34 million!

Jim took another trip to the West Coast of Vancouver Island -- known to him as Area 20.

He spent the day on a fishing boat - mostly watching I suspect.

And eating!!

The season has come to an end.  We are planning a trip to the Adams River in October to see the Adams River Sockeye spawn.  I have never been there but this year is going to be a good one - so I have been told.

I have been working a lot this past week - 5 shifts in one week - so this post has sat in my list of posts to edit for about 10 - waiting for me to finish.

I am off this week - with a cold - and I am totally and completely annoyed.  I had a cold last March and I feel one cold every other year is plenty - so two colds in one years is unacceptable.  I don't think this one is as bad - and I have things to do this week so I am just going to do them!! 

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  1. We are certainly celebrating the Sockeye in hour house too! My husband is a sports fisherman. I am the happy consumer of the Sockeye! When in October to you suspect would be best to view the Adams River run? I would love to see that. I haven't seen a river running red with spawning activity since I was a kid living on the Kootenay Lake. This would be the year to view that famous Adams River run!

  2. Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Plenty of juice and chicken soup and rest and you will be up in no time.

  3. Hope you feel better and I so enjoyed the pics!