Friday, January 21, 2011

Do you want to get some prawns?


We went out this afternoon to pull the prawn pots – so I brought my little camera along – so lets go get some prawns.


First we need to get the prawn boat – look here – it is on a lower rack this year – Much better!!




The boat is on the beach – oars put in place and we are ready to head out to sea……



Oh wait – don’t have enough prawn bait in the bucket – Jim heads back home to get more bait so here I am sitting on a log waiting…….


This is my seat in the boat – the stern.  Jim has put the bit of plastic tubing over the end of the boat to make pulling the rope over the side of the boat easier – so the rope slides over the smooth plastic instead of burning out a rut in the wood like it was doing last year……we will see if this is an improvement.



This is the captain’s chair – the captain gets to row – the first mate is just there to pull..




Now we are off…… out to sea – the Captain is happy today because it is not raining and the sea is calm.  That makes the first mate happy too.



Here is a view of part of our little village and the marina is off to the far right.  IMG_7573


This is a picture of our house from the water.  The houses in the foreground are on the water – our house is the one in the middle of the picture with the hedge in front and the tall trees behind.  Last year it would have been much easier to spot because it was White!  Now it looks so much better. IMG_7567


Oh – there’s our buoy……………





The first pot is pulled up – only a few prawns  and one fairly good sized cod…




If you look closely you can see the cod has been enjoying the prawns – you can see the prawn antenna sticking out of it’s mouth.



And so it is -- that you must kiss the cod before you throw it back… not sure why but that’s the rule.  Last year I was kissing all the cod but fortunately I had the camera so Jim got to kiss the cod. 




The next pot had very few prawns and a  starfish – who is also a big fan of prawns and loves to crawl into the pots and eat themselves stupid.




The last pot had lots of prawns – well a good number – enough for a meal or two and since the Captain is married to the first mate he gets to keep the entire catch.



The prawns go into the bucket….. the traps are re-baited and returned to the bottom of the ocean.




Prawn salad with home made Thousand Island dressing for dinner tonight.



And Mr.. Starfish is sent back to sea  to enjoy his happy life eating prawns – just like us ………………..



  1. My DH has declared your post 'delicious'!

  2. Starfish?! Wonderful! Oh gosh, after seeing this wonderful post I am wishing I could experience prawn hauling (actually very hard work I understand) at least once in my lifetime, but I wonder if Tom would kiss the cod for me. How did the rubber rope guide work out?

  3. Scumpptiously delicious post, commentary, photos, content, the house from the water, the lake. Oh! heaven must be like this calm waters . Lovely lovely lovely.

  4. It looks like you and Jim had a good time catching your supper. I bet they are very delicious because they are so fresh.
    Happy cooking..
    Warmest regards,

  5. your little camera takes AMAZING pictures Pam! What a fun day! I'm envious of you both enjoy the outdoors and the wildlife!! Thank you so much for sharing - the photos are great!

  6. I love the pics of the beautiful scenery and your house is just so pretty!

  7. This is the loveliest post I think I have ever read Pam! Great photos too. Almost makes me want to come pull pots with you...almost!!

  8. What a fun post! What time is dinner? I'll bring the wine! ;o) Cheers!